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in Abu Dhabi
Recent reviews
Fatima A.
25 may 2023
I like how the technician/nurse her name is Reta she is very hard working and does a greatjob and I feel very comfortable every time she does my laser session.
31 reviews
25 may 2023
Advantages It is cheap Disadvantages Not all machines are working properly, needs maintenance. Staffs are not helpful. No shower Comment Can not give your complain because the staff will just ignore you Date of services rendered May 8, 2013 Specialist description Receptionist
Rauda A.
19 may 2023
Advantages finishing perfect Disadvantages The last payment should be before one week Comment Over all good experiences with Qaf
19 may 2023
Advantages none Disadvantages Dishonest, Miserable, Unprofessional, Not Client-oriented Comment piano practice – bad experience! I paid my first piano practice 50 dirham – acceptable price for one hour practice despite the old and out of tune piano. yesterday, after two days, they asked for more than 3 times the previous price (157 dirham) without giving any explanation. The lady at the reception, Dolly, was very embarassed to inform me about this manager decision to increase prices without
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18 may 2023
Good service
18 may 2023
Advantages We bought No 7 supplement for joint support and comfort recommended by the pharmacist Kammar and we are very happy with the result ! Disadvantages None Comment It is my favorite pharmacy the team is very knowledgeable and helpful Keep it up !
2 reviews
15 may 2023
So in love with this shop
8 may 2023
Comment مكتب التحدي للاستشارات الهندسية كادر متميز مصداقية في التعامل وسرعة في الانجاز ودقة في العمل 👍
1 review
8 may 2023
Amazing team so kindly, the place is very clean. The treatment is elegant. Their level of work is excellent. Highly recommended
2 reviews
Alaa A.
8 may 2023
The best company I have ever met. In fact the best broker is: Apana Akshay 00971 54 370 0668 A very punctual, acurate, helpful, honest and impartial employee. She made the process soooo easy and quick. In addition she was very happy to help the customers and she keeps doing her best to serve the customers and their inquiries without any histation. She deserves to be called the brokers LOARD.
6 may 2023
Advantages Very good nursery with creative teachers
زايد ع.
4 may 2023
Advantages انا حاب دكتور عبدالسلام كثير كثير ومرتاحله كذا من ربي سبحانه Disadvantages انا عندي مشاكل كثيره مثل طفح جلدي من صغر بسبب الشحوم المتراكم واغاني كثير من حركة الجسم وفعالة عمليه قص المعده ونزلت ٤٠ كيلو ورجعت بعد النزول الوزن تعبت نفسين. وجسدين. انا افكر الحين في شفط الدهون وزني الحالي ١٠٢ كيلو واشوف ان الشفط ونحت يناسبني أكثر من ألقص. انا اشوف ما في امل الا شفط ونحت صراحه شجعوو. الدكتور لكي يساعدني وشكرا لكم من ثقه Comment ارجوا من الله الشفاء العاجل لي وبعد الدكتور له جزيل الشكر وتقدير
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64 reviews
Mark c.
30 april 2023
Advantages Poor service and very expensive! I paid 105 aed and they don’t even soak your feet. You have to pay a extra 70 aed for what they call a scrub for them to soak my feet which is standard practice in all other spas. Awful service I highly recommend to stay away from this run down cheap rip off place! Also they take your money before starting the work! No place I know does this! Because if I knew my feet were not going to be soaked I would of walked out! 😡😡😡 Date of services rendered 01/05/2023 Specialist
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29 april 2023
Advantages Shows that office open 24 hours 4 weeks, & tried to call at 7am but no response, wants to ask about some thing, and avoid driving All the way, then the staff answers me that we don’t have this service
50 reviews
28 april 2023
Advantages The machines are good The trainers are very helpful They have many types of class you can choose what fits you . Disadvantages N/A
7 reviews
Baidar H.
27 april 2023
Comment Good work
1 review
22 april 2023
I absolutely love the set I got,I got a volume one. The lash tech “Emy” was so nice and made me so comfortable I actually took a nap too 🤣 Best lash tech in the area!
81 reviews
Wenelyn r.
18 april 2023
Comment Miss khriselle thank you for the good service and assistance very accommodating ♥️
13 april 2023
Disadvantages Bad service. No respect to customer time. Three times i went to my appointment where they said sorry the machine not available!!!! Wasting my time. They do not care about the customer. I even wrote a complain but no one call me!!! I will never go there again. Date of services rendered 12 of April 2023 Specialist description Receptionist - Arabic
Jonela M.
13 april 2023
Advantages I liked the service of DHL especially to Sir George very approachable and friendly. He explained very well, how the processing of documents. The delivering is very quick and after 5 days my sister received the documents. Thank you for your service and may God bless!
64 reviews
Alina T.
11 april 2023
Advantages I thought it will be an advantage because the gym is next to my house but it was the worst decision to get a membership with them. Disadvantages The staff is very unprofessional, classes low level, managers incapable to solve a complain. The worst experience l had with a gym in Abu Dhabi. Date of services rendered 2/04/2023 Specialist description The staff working in the gym
1 review
Best C.
10 april 2023
Vehicle Recovery Abu Dhabi 050915 9574
75 reviews
I r.
3 april 2023
Advantages Of course sigar and the staff.
Nasser a.
31 march 2023
Advantages I send my microwave last year more than 7 month and they told me it will cost you 600AD with don’t care about anything like if you want or not in a rude mood. Disadvantages Till now, nobody call me even I called the office nobody answer me. Comment The stuff is not friendly and nobody cares about you. Date of services rendered I don’t remember Specialist description I don’t know the guy name
30 march 2023
Advantages ما هي الأجرات والاوراق المطلوبه لمعادلة شهادة التربوي
4 reviews
28 march 2023
Very well serviced by a girl named Ms. Nofila , very helpful, speed work and supportive. great to have such kind of people in your pharmacy.
91 reviews
Dominique A.
23 march 2023
Advantages Ehab is amazing. I come from the United States once a year for work and always go get my hair done with him. If I could, I would fly from the US every month just to have him do my color. He has done Botox, hair color and haircut several times for me, and I am always SO happy with the results. He is a master at his craft. And his assistant is so helpful, kind and great at what he does. Cannot wait to return!
70 reviews
Pramila D.
23 march 2023
Comment I had my birthday celebration. The service was top-notch. We ordered platters and they were amazing. It was exceptional experience. we enjoyed every bit. The music was excellent.
4 reviews
10 march 2023
The worst choice you could ever make. Super late delivery, factory has no clue of details of design, imperfections everywhere, disrespectful management (not in the way they speak, rather in their actions), messy and unprofessional! Not worth it even for free.
1 review
Anass k.
8 march 2023
Rented an apartment from them. They took 5000 AED security deposit. After I left the apartment I made sure it’s in the same condition I received it. And yet they deducted 1500 AED without prior notice charging for painting because I stayed only one year. Customer service and relations need a lot of improvement. By the way I left the apartment 20 days earlier than the contract which is worth 2777 AED. Think twice before doing business with this company.
1 review
Anass k.
8 march 2023
Rented an apartment from them. They took 5000 AED security deposit. After I left the apartment I made sure it’s in the same condition I received it. And yet they deducted 1500 AED without prior notice charging for painting because I stayed only one year. Customer service and relations need a lot of improvement. By the way I left the apartment 20 days earlier than the contract which is worth 2777 AED. Think twice before doing business with this company.
M. S.
8 march 2023
Advantages Good saerves Comment Michael its the best for Manicure/Pedicure & footspa his professional.. 👌👌👌
7 march 2023
ازكي من هيك ما في
60 reviews
Sam C.
28 february 2023
Advantages Non to tell as we didn't have a chance to order even Disadvantages So, my family and I (seven adults and two kids) recently had a very bad experience at Kuzina. It all started when my six-year-old son sat on one of the outdoor lounge chairs outside the restaurant. The owner approached my wife and made a comment about his behavior, but she apologized and explained that he was just being a kid. Despite this, we decided to give the place a try since we had read good reviews about it. Unfortunately
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13 reviews
Um H.
27 february 2023
Advantages يتميز الصالون باهتمامهم بالحمام المغربي بتخصيص موقع منفصل بمبنى اخر ينفصل عن صالون عن بقية الخدمات مما يشعر زبائن الحمام بأهمية الحمام والخصوصية وايضا تركيزهم على الحمام فقط من قبل متخصصات خبيرات الحمام المغربي من المملكة المغربية الشقيقة وهذا يضمن انجذاب الزبائن للصالون Disadvantages العيوب كثيرة ومتعددة رغم اني من الزبائن الاوفياء منذ عام 2013 تقريبا الى هذا العام 2023 تعرضت لقلة تقدير وسوء معاملة من العاملة التي تستقبل مكالمات المواعيد حكيمة لتاخذ المواعيد لصديقتها فاطمة حيث تكون
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22 february 2023
Advantages The location is so convenient for me as its near to my place Disadvantages non Comment came to this gym when I am at my heaviest self..... now I am back to usual self.... more workouts to do to be at my best.
55 reviews
mohammad y.
20 february 2023
Advantages السلام عليكم اخوان لو سمحتو ممكن ادلونا على عيادة أسنان أو طبيب أسنان جراح شاطر في عمان، رقم تلفون أو عنوان للتواصل معهم، ولكم كل الشكر ايميلي : mohd-ad@hotmail.com0503247334 Disadvantages طبيب أسنان جراح شاطر وأسعار مقبولة في عمان /تجريف لثة، زراعة عظم، زراعة أسنان/ تعويض Comment mohd-ad@hotmail.com0503247334
17 february 2023
Advantages I have finally started my application for Canada Immigration with a professional assistance of Emvee Francisco, which I really appreciate. I'm a filipino, and licensed engineer in UAE. I decided to initiate and entrust my application to Resettle Worldwide while my profile is strong enough to receive an approval. I'm now in the middle of IELTS review, and will be taking the exam real soon. I highly recommend to contact Emvee Francisco for any immigration queries you may have.
1 review
16 february 2023
Good Instructor. Got my driving license in 3 hours of training. Well behaved and mannered. Picks and drops from home for the training session. Five star rating.
11 february 2023
Advantages Same day service was available. Staff were fabulous. Comment The service was fast and efficient. My dishwasher and cooker were fixed within the hour of arriving.
10 february 2023
Advantages It is a great nursery, lovely staff, affordable price, and my son enjoying his time and learning a lot.
65 reviews
wojood a.
10 february 2023
Advantages all food is amazing Disadvantages non
14 reviews
ام ا.
9 february 2023
Advantages ماشاء الله اهتمام تام بالاطفال ومتابعه جيده واستفادة الاولاد وتقويتها فالعربية
6 reviews
saiqa P.
7 february 2023
Complete agree
7 february 2023
Super fast service I'm happy with this shop and workers very friendly
فاطمه ا.
4 february 2023
Advantages سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته هل يوجد وظيفه عندكم انا مواطنه وابحث عن وظيفه عندي شهادة ثانوي
48 reviews
28 january 2023
Advantages I like the girl who works on the right cashier, she's so beautiful Disadvantages To be in a relationship with her. Comment 5
10 reviews
من ا.
28 january 2023
Advantages لا يوجد أي مميزة في البنك تقصون على من Date of services rendered لا يردون على التلفون و السلفية عندكم صعبه و ارباحكم كبيره فوق التوقعات يعني اللي ياخد من عندكم سلف لا يستطيع إرجاع المبلغ ارحمو في الأرض يرحمكم من السماء والأرض Specialist description صالح
24 january 2023
Comment Thanks to all professional nurses and thanks Nurse Lou keep up the good work.
23 january 2023
Advantages No good Disadvantages Behavior is very rude Body hygiene not good Driver removeing dirt from eyes as well as from ears and throwing on seat we're he seat. Comment No Date of services rendered 23-01-2023 Timing:-1.30 Specialist description Behavior not good
3 january 2023
Advantages أولاً ارى ان هناك عدم وجود روح الفريق في بين الموظفين وطاقم الاطباء والممرضين احس انهم مرهقين ومكرهين على العمل ويعيشون حالة من عدم الرضى والتركيز ولاحظت الاحاديث الجانبيه والتكتلات بين اغلب الاطقم العامله حتى الفراشين بينهم همز ولمز مثل المباحث المصريه يعيشون حاله من عدم الامان الوظيفي ولايبتسمون . وعندما يبتسم المريض في وجوههم يعتقدون انه قد قام بتصرف غير لائق وغريب وغير مسموح به في المركز .فما سبب كل ذلك هل من المرضى ام الاداره ام نقل الكلام واعطائه مساحه من قبل الاداره . اتمنى
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24 reviews
2 january 2023
Comment YOUR BEST TRAVEL PARTNER IN THE UAE" If the UAE had a law against false advertising, I would advocate for the closure of the Abu Dhabi Branch. It is by far the worst travel agency I have ever dealt with in my entire life. Least Informed does not keep its clients updated on application status, and price quotes are never accurate or close to being accurate. Your worst travel partner in the UAE does not even deserve one star but must be rated to be submitted. should be reported to the Ministry
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96 reviews
27 december 2022
Very bad experience today with the way they deal with me inspite of explaining what I want , they even did not give any explanation for their ignorance of what I need. انطباع سيء جدا بانهم تجاهلوا طلبي على الرغم من اعادته امامهم عدة مرات ، اعتقد بانني لن اعيد التجربة في هذا الصالون مرة اخرى
Khaled h.
24 december 2022
Comment Me and my sister practicing karate in impact karate center al reef.All the sensai's is are uniquely talented in providing a safe,noncompetitive martial arts program self control.Thanks for your support and guidance 💕
10 december 2022
Advantages None Disadvantages Eagle Environmental Services & Pest Control has been removing neutered and microchipped cats from their family. Microchip has not been check even it's ***tory. They have commit illegal action and wouldn't even say where they dumped the cats. The company has to takes its responsibilities if they want to be consider seriously and answer the family with the location where they released the cats. Date of services rendered - Specialist description -
Oru J.
9 december 2022
Excellent service , pick up and delivery Mr Esar your the best, I'll sure be coming around sometime.
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