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Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

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    • Punjabi Chulha

      Restaurants Indian cuisine
      87 reviews
      مدينة محمد بن زايد - ME-10 - أبو ظبي, 15 شارع الدراج, Abu Dhabi
      Tasty food with a very cordial, hygienic and pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to Thalhan for your nice serving
    • Flavors Grill

      97 reviews
      ميناء زايد - أبو ظبي, شارع الميناء, Abu Dhabi
    • Celebrating Life Bakery

      Restaurants Bakery
      72 reviews
      Zone 1 - E11 - أبو ظبي, electra street, Abu Dhabi
      Every time delivers the high quality cakes with reasonable prices for each and every ocation.
      And we can have customised cakes as per our wish..staff are very cooperative....
      Strongly recommend for cakes for all the ocations..
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    • تكساس دي البرازيل

      Food places Latin-American cuisine
      346 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Ground Floor, YAS Mall, Abu Dhabi
      Nice restaurant delicious foods I like it
    • eggcellent cafe

      Dinner places Coffee shops Coffee to go
      277 reviews
      البطين - أبو ظبي, Marasy, Abu Dhabi
      The food was EGGCELLENT!! I like the Pasta and Dalgona probably i will come back again with my family and colleagues. Very accommodating staff especially Magie, Tin and JC.
    • Baz Station

      Dinner restaurants Coffee shops Coffee to go
      89 reviews
      جَزِيرَة الرِّيم - أبو ظبي, شارع خُور عَزِيز, Abu Dhabi
      the quality of everything Is great!
      a little pricey.
      they put passion into
      the place is amazing, although it is a little pricey, you get what you pay for really! quality of everything, the privacy if desired and the cherry on top, the staff is…
    • Tummy Yummies RestoCafe - تامي ياميز ريستوكافيه

      Dinner spots Burger restaurant Halal restaurant Pizza delivery
      112 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Al Rayfah St - Jazeerat - شارع الرِّيم, of Lights, Abu Dhabi
    • PAK WADI Restaurant & Grill

      Restaurants to eat Bar and grill Indian cuisine Set breakfast
      64 reviews
      مصفح - أبوظبي الصناعية 1 - أبو ظبي, I, Abu Dhabi
      Nice restaurant and very nice food.. thanks for mr.karman for his excellent service
    • Blaze Pizza

      Food places to eat Pizza restaurant
      194 reviews
      جزيرة المارية - مربعة الصوّة - أبو ظبي, Island, Abu Dhabi
      Service is excellent all the cashier are approachable and I get my ordered pizza on time. Overall experience is fantastic.
    • Desert Lotus Restaurant

      Places to dine Sushi place Thai cuisine
      95 reviews
      شاطئ الراحة - البندر - أبو ظبي, شارع الرَّاحَة, Abu Dhabi
      Such a wondeful Thai experience! The wait staff was superb, and catered to us with grace. They tailored the meal to us, and were very supportive. Oat was the manager, and personally took care of us! Hands down, best Thai experience in UAE!
    • هنجري جوان

      Places to eat dinner Pan-asian restaurant
      81 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Abudhabi, Mussafah Shabiya 11 Mussafah ME11, Abu Dhabi
      Highly recommended!! Very affordable.. If you're craving for Filipino foods, this is the place to visit! The Ambience is great. ️ ️ And the staff also are nice.. Thanks to Sir Reynald for accommodating us very well..
    • Starbucks

      Place for dinner Coffee shops Coffee to go
      72 reviews
      24 hours a day
      أبو ظبي, near BAS Mall, Adnoc Old Baniyas Club, Abu Dhabi
      اشتريت 2 كباتشينو وكأنه ماي.. ما تحس انه كوفي..
      I bought 2 Cappuccino.. when we drink it we found it like water. You dont feel it is coffee. Really bad experience
    • Cafe Sushi

      Eating spots Sushi place Confectionery shop Japanese cuisine
      175 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi
      I been to this sushi friend with my friend and it was amazing, special thanks to roshani, Sam and Rashi they were really professional and respectful with + they catered to all our needs
    • kitfo restaurant

      Sit down restaurants African cuisine
      73 reviews
      الخَالِدية - W9 - أبو ظبي, شارع النَّر, Abu Dhabi
      I've tried many Ethiopian restaurants popular among expats, but this restaurant is the best by far!!
      It's always a pleasure eating here, cosy environment with great stuff, and most important the best food!!
    • Starbucks

      Spots to eat Coffee shops Coffee to go
      56 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Sadiyaat Island, Abu Dhabi
      Great ambience, great staff. The service offered was extremely pleasant, coffee was ultimate. Kudos to the star bucks which again left me to be a happy customer, ready for next visit @sadiyat
    • OLA Brasil Restaurant

      Sit down places to eat Latin-American cuisine
      227 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Al Ghazal Golf Club, مطار أبو ظبي الدولي، Terminal 2, Abu Dhabi
    • مطعم زهرة لبنان

      Sit down lunch places Lebanese cuisine
      72 reviews
      الدانة - شرق 18-02 - أبو ظبي, شارع هزاع بن زايد الأول, Abu Dhabi
      الاكل لذيذ جدا
      فطرت فيه وتعشيت منه كلها تستاهل واسعاره ممتاطة مقابل جودة الخدمة ولذة الأكل
    • Eatonster Roll Cafetria

      Sit down and eat restaurants Fast food
      46 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Mohammad Bin Zayed City, ME-09 - Near Safeer Mall Building # C-33, Shop # 3, Abu Dhabi
      I ordered chicken Biryani it was very good,Within half an hour my I received my order.
    • Momo the dumpling

      Restaurants for appetizers Fast food
      43 reviews
      Al ZahiyahE16 - أبو ظبي, مجمع خليفة السكني ب، 10th Street,Tourist Club Area، Opp Dana Hotel،, Abu Dhabi
      Perfectly appetizing dumplings (fried and steamed). With my husband, we totally enjoyed our dinner!
    • 마당 Madang Korean Restaurant

      Places to have dinner Korean cuisine
      130 reviews
      منطقة المطار - أبو ظبي, شارع المطار الدولي, Abu Dhabi
      Great selection and fantastic fried garlic chicken and soup. Great service by staff.
    • ITCH Bakery & Florists

      Places to go eat lunch Bakery
      209 reviews
      Zone 1 - مجمع الوزارات - أبو ظبي, 39 شارع لِمْلُوح, Abu Dhabi
      The Spanish latte and sweets were excellent.
    • Socius Bakery & Cafe

      Places to go for dinner Bakery Confectionery shop
      235 reviews
      مدينة شخبوط - حوض 22 - أبو ظبي, 22 شارع الرُّشْد, 87, Abu Dhabi
      It is nice clam and beautifull place advice anyone who does not visit it should go there. There is a small hall for party there you can book it for brithday or event and staff are verry professional and service. Nice coffee and delicious food…
    • Araqy

      Places to get lunch Confectionery shop
      91 reviews
      مدينة بني ياس - بني ياس شرق - أبو ظبي, 8J6C+GPG, Abu Dhabi
      Great coffee amazing service
    • Mood Coffee Bar

      Places to get dinner Confectionery shop Set breakfast Brunch
      87 reviews
      الخَالِدية - W9 - أبو ظبي, 229 شارع الدَّبَّاس, Abu Dhabi
      Place is so cozy. It’s my first time and the cafe latte and choco volcano is so awesome.
    • Starbucks

      Places to eat food Coffee shops Coffee to go
      17 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Dalma Mall-Ground Floor, Abu Dhabi
    • Chagh Kabab

      Places for dinner and drinks Turkish cuisine
      1 review
      البطين - غرب 10 - أبو ظبي, Corniche Rd, Abu Dhabi
    • Starbucks

      Food places for dinner Coffee shops Coffee to go
      32 reviews
      أبو ظبي, Khalifa University-Ibn Hayyan Building E, Abu Dhabi
      Best coffee made by Mr Abdul thanks
    • Starbucks

      Food places to dine Coffee shops Coffee to go
      48 reviews
      24 hours a day
      near Al Khalidiyah - المركزية غرب - أبو ظبي, شارع زايد الأول, Park, Abu Dhabi
    • Vendôme

      Eating restaurants Buffet
      63 reviews
      الرأس الأخضر - أبو ظبي, W Corniche Rd, Abu Dhabi
    • Cheezle

      Eating places Burger restaurant Fast food
      39 reviews
      Open until 04:00
      البطين - أبو ظبي, شارع المَجْلِس, Abu Dhabi
      Good food but a bit overpriced ‍ ️
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