At Nicelocal, we help companies and clients find each other

Making choice safe and easy
We check companies and tell people about their services
Limitless opportunities
We use dozens of platforms for promotion: Nicelocal catalog, affiliate sites, GoogleMaps
Amazing tools
We provide business owners with plenty of features for promotion

How do we help?
Nicelocal promotes all sorts of businesses —from medical centers to domestic services
All in one
Business owners create accounts on Nicelocal to showcase pictures, descriptions, price lists, and other information. They can reply to clients’ reviews and build reputation.
Evolving every day
We give tools for promotion and come up with new ones. Our team analyzes hundreds of companies and uses this data to create features which will bring value.
No tolerance to misleading
We create a huge and trustworthy society of users. Everyday Nicelocal checks thousands of reviews and services. We do our best to fight against fake ratings.

Nicelocal mission
Simplify business journey
To feed, to treat, to supply — businesses must do what they’re supposed to do. We’ll take care of the rest.
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