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Reviews about Thrifty Car Rental UAE

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  • 1.0
    Its very disappointing and to be very honest i will never ever use your services also will never ever recommend thrifty to anyone.

    AED 2000 for minor damage is seriously very expensive and not at all justifiable.

    Seriously very disappointed with the way thrifty is working which is only focusing on making money and not at all considering the consumer's situation.
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  • 1.0
    The most terrible experience. The worst cars. Dead battery in less than a week. Malfunctioning AC. Expired tyres. Broken seat belt. Already started the booking with a car different from the one I booked with a promise to replace it within 48 hours which never happened. I tested positive for COVID after only one week of my booking and respectfully requested that I return the car and they refund me the remainder as I will stay in quarantine for 14 days and they refused saying we will not refund any bookings. This is a fraud business in collaboration with the company they use “”….Steer clear from any of those two companies as they are the worst I’ve seen in my life and their cars or service are not worth half the money they are charging.
    – show
  • The staff was very helpful, kind and professional, especially Mr Mustafa who assisted us
    • Dear Mr. Zakaria Ben Lahbib, Thank you for your wonderful feedback and excellent rating
  • -5 Stars. This is a major scam rental car company which rips off tourists. They promise a cheap deal but they scam you out of the deposit. They told me it takes a month for the deposit to be refunded. After a month the deposit was not refunded. I called and inquired. They told me it was refunded. I had to dispute the charge with my back and they denied the dispute and we came to an agreement of a lesser amount than the deposit and still they did not return the money. My bank account got closed c – show
    • Dear Ethan Cohen, We regret to hear about your experience with us. Appreciate if you could share your rental details to
  • I have had the pleasure of hiring a car from thrifty UAE TERMINAL 3 the staff were very helpful and professional the are well priced and the car was better then I was expecting i will definitely be using thrifty uae terminal 3 if I ever visit dubai
    Thank you very much for a good service.
    • Dear Iby elsy, Thank you for your wonderful feedback and excellent rating
  • nice place and helpful stuff
  • Excellent service
  • Awesome service! Fatima and Irfan are great, fast and so helpful. Thanks guys
    • Dear Margarett Nicole Leclair, Thank you for your wonderful feedback and excellent rating
  • نصيحة لا احد يتعامل معهم. دفعوني عند التسليم ٢٦٠ درهم على خدش عيب مصنعي في الدهان (البوية) بدون حادث على الرغم من التأمين الشامل. واستغلوا تاخري عن الرحلة. و قد امضيت ٣ اسابيع بدون اعادة مبلغ التأمين.
    • Dear abu Rama, We regret to hear about your experience and please accept our sincerest apologies. Kindly share your vehicle hire agreement details to
  • Avis is scam. I spent more than an hour to get a car because the manager refused to accept my card. He said it's a debit card, though it is a credit card. I had to take an additional full coverage insurance and a deposit of 2000AED (>500USD). When I returned the car everything was ok, tank was full and no damage. I never got my deposit back and instead they charged even more money from my credit card. Their support didn't respond to my messages that I texted them a month ago. My local office in – show
    • Dear Oleksandr Anokhin, If your rental is from Thrifty, kindly provide your vehicle hire agreement details to
  • اسعار ممتاذة وخدمة مميزة أنصح بها
    • Dear Magdy Farid, Thank your for your wonderful feedback and excellent rating
  • ما انصح احد يتعامل معاهم.. حراميه.. استلمنا السياره وكان فيها طقات خفيفه وكل مانقول له فيها طقات يقول هذي عاديه واول مارجعنا السياره اللي استلم السياره على طول راح على الجامه الاماميه ويقول فيها طقه وفيها اهي طقه لاترى بالعين المجرده ولازم تدفعون عليها وقلنا له من قبل وموظفكم قال عادي قالو لا لازم تسجلها في التقرير ودفعونا ١٦٠٠ درهم عليها…سرقونا وماقدرنا نسوي شي لانه كانت عندنا طياره ولازم نرجع قبل لاتروح عنا الطياره واول شي قال التصليح بيكلف ١٣٠٠ وبخصم عليكم ١٥٠٠ مجموع التصليح وسالك واليوم – show
    • Dear Abdulla Alansari, We regret to hear about your experience with us. Kindly provide your vehicle hire agreement details to
  • Very bad experience more than 45min to prepare the car.
    • Dear abdulaziz abodabeel, We regret and kindly accept our sincerest apologies towards the delay you had to face at airport location. Appreciate if you could share your rental details to for us to investigate this matter and will help us avoid such situations.
  • OK
  • Horrible
  • The counter experience was pretty good until I returned the car. I was told that returning the car at DXB would incur a charge of AED50 but not at any of the other counters.

    However, when I returned it at Deira, I was told that I needed to pay even more. After a heated exchange with the counter staff and then his supervisor, they offered to lower it to AED20.

    Its not about the amount that I had to pay but for the experience, whereby I had specifically asked the staff at DXB and she had given m
    – show
  • The car rental experience was unpleasant.
    First, during the car pick up, the employee told me that no scratches on the car at all, then when I took the car I found some scratches were on the tire. I didn’t pay attention to that where they claimed the scratches are new and forced me to pay 630 AED. That was totally unfair. Also, they didn’t take a clear picture of the car, so once I returned the car there was no prove that the scratches are not new. Also they claimed parking fees which was not ag
    – show
    • Dear aziz5678911, We regret to hear about your recent experience. Please provide your rental details to so we can review this.
  • Good Service
    • Dear Vivek G, Thank you for your excellent rating and wonderful feedback
  • Truly do not recommend. They need ages to improve and have some business manners and customer service…there are many accepted ways to increase flowing money to their account, yet they choose the tricky and deceptive way.
    The only reason I put 1 star is because I have to.

    • Dear Mohammed Alyousif, We regret to hear about your recent experience with us. Please provide your rental details to so we can review your case.
  • Havaalanı çok düzenli. Uçaktan indiriminden itibaren insanlar tarafından yonlendirildigimiz için kısa sürede çıkış yapabildik.
    • Dear Berin Ay, We thank you for your excellent rating and wonderful feedback.
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