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Reviews about Avex Cargo llc

/  83 reviews and 54 ratings
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  • 5.0
    Nice packing
  • Very BAD service, VERY very slow delivery.
  • Good service
  • Never go for this company.... Horrible and pathetic experience, Very very poor service, company is running with unprofessional, unediquette managements and staff who's are playing with customer, money, time and emotion. No one is ready to deal with customers sincerely and positively. I received my Items after 3 months after several follow up. Almost 1/4 items were damaged or broken badly. Out of this damages I send one gas oven which was packed seperatly as fragile items and a seperate and speci – show
  • Do not trust these guys. Avex Cargo LLC management and employees are fraud. I have been experiencing pathetic service and response from them.

    They collected my boxes and without my prior permission, Infact without informing me they opened it. Removed 1/4 of the items, misplaced/stole a watch and after week of follow-ups, delivered my 3/4 of the items in poor condition. They took complete 100% amount in advance and now do not bother to response my messages and calls!! FRAUD Company!!
  • I strongly advise against using this company. Only received half of our shipment, every single item was broken or damaged, some beyond recognition, from furniture to appliances to crockery. The balance of the shipment is nowhere to be found and the company does not respond to our messages or answer our calls. If you value your hard earned possessions like we do, find another company. Wish there was a rating lower than a 1 star
  • Good logistics service for courier delivery to India all households items. Connect from website, executive will reach at your home and arrange the shipping items in the green box. You don’t have to worry about how to pack, just identify the items which you want to ship, rest activity keep to them.

    Large appliances can also be shipped but considering packing and rate, cost n benefits need to be checked before deciding to ship.

    Payment can be visa NEFT or cash, very convenient approach.

    I was s
    – show
  • Bad service not delivered in time what's they give take 4 month still not delivered
  • Their services are good and cheap. As we have sent many cargos with them and reached on time, more importantly all intact.
    The only problem and feedback, is that they have to improve their UK service. As they won't call you prior and give a call once they reach the place. If they could call you a day before one can arrange the leave and collect things happily. So I request management to update the staff in the UK. Overall good service.
  • Poor services,for india cargo delivery time taking lot.Handling of items are very worst.Afrer a long struggle we received a package with damaged conditions. Hence Please don't deal with them.
  • Un professional packers and cargo in this UAE. Dont ever take their service
    Mixer not working

    Negative rating for service
  • 40 to 45 days is what they will promise and advertise. But I received my cargo after 4 months. Some of my things are also not in good condition anymore because it was stuck for so long. If you are planning to send via sea cargo, i don’t really recommend them. Find a better and reliable one. And another thing that made me so disappointed is the way they are responding if i have some queries. Sometimes no response or same response everyday that its either in customs and so on and so forth. Not rec – show
  • Useless cargo service. Please don’t use this cargo service. You will never get the parcel. Despite everyone giving 1 star, I wonder how on the search the cargo has earned 3.7 star. I’m going to raise on complaint on then with consumer department in UAE. Hope others who struggled with this cargo will do so. The complaint is necessary to ensure that the cargo didn’t give false promise to its customer and to ensure the rights of customers,
  • Worst service ever. It's been over 120 days still no response on where is our cargo.every time I call to their office they say it will take one more week. Its been 5 times 5 weeks same answer. Cruel service towards customers

    I dont know what their management is doing at work. they don't have any customer service ethics. Got to beg them for my own stuff. ABC cargo better service than these people. Hoping they will respond my review at least otherwise as usual I have to call their office to
    – show
  • it's been almost90 days that I have given my things to deliver through sea cargo,while accepting they promised things will be delivered with in 45 days and I have been following up since 1 month on a weekly basis every time I call they say it has reached the port just with in a week it will be delivered. such pathetic service. now I afraid that will I be able have things deliver to me or lost in water. Terrible service.I request management pay attention to what you promised.I can understa – show
  • i given my cargo on 4 July still its not reach the cargo and always They say in 2 days and when u say them will complain to police they laughed guys i see all the reviews my suggestion will all go to police and rise a complain on this company so this company should closed bec already we all stuck let save other people in trap on this people
  • Not timely delivered, and i sent items in Feb 02 2022 and till now i not received my full packages. They just keep delaying. If you cant deliver in 40 days then you should not mention false information. Very bad, i can not recommend to anyone.

    Very very worst people, they kept my one of the shipments and are now not responding. Fake and thief people. They are not even giving loss value. Will go to Dubai police and complain it.

    Still they have not delivered my shipments till now even after so m
    – show
    • Appreciate your valuable feedback for us to improve our services more in the future. And we really apologize for any inconvenience that you've had, this is not the experience that we wanted you to have.

      If you still need any further assistance, please feel free to get back to us on 600 522 322 and we'll be more than happy to further assist you.

      Thank you
  • I sent air cargo to Kerala & received yesterday in good condition.

    Good service
  • It's my first time using cargo service through Avex and it's really nice. received all my parcels today evening. They promised 14 working days to india (Including customs clearance) and it delivered on 16th day.

    Thank you guys and all the best.
  • One of the worst cargo in UAE their mind only money not for customer when ever your sending cargo it takes minium 2 months even air cargo. This is my 2nd experience same avex cargo. I given 1 star but there is no minus star rating otherwise should given. Their cheating people
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Average rating - 3.2 based on 83 reviews and 54 ratings