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hi Sandy Real Estate

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Reviews about hi Sandy Real Estate

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  • 1.0
    9 august 2023, 8:58 am
    Disappointed from Hi Sandy apartment in dubai south jassem building they tell all lie to convince you to take the apartment from they start rules without information all their agents are not professional to be honest. The worst is they make rules each single month:(
    They ask for deposit which they will tell you it refundable but unfortunately at the end they will make all to get the 2000 aed deposit for them I move in no one come to do a inspection with you to see what is damage after when you have to leave the apartment they will send some to check what is damage to charge you! Mean that if something was damaged when you move in so they will charge for it if you don’t take pictures and send them so you have to do your own inspection wow what a great company. When you rent a car the agent bring a paper to certify what is damage in the car right before you take so when you return they will check accordingly but here unfortunately it’s not the same so be careful, they promised many thing which never give. the maintenance of the building supposed to be free under 500 aed but they change everything so you will be the one pay just to change a bathroom tap they ask 380aed I buy I put myself cost 46 aed you imagine how they scam people very bad I leave the building they make inspection they charge me painting 850aed pest control 200aed deep cleaning 250aed a small bulb 35 the door mosquito net which was never used was already broken they charge me 100aed I which the management take an action or they don’t care I will make sure rera will know about that please everyone do not let them scam you be positive and report to the people concerned thank you. – show
  • 1.0
    21 july 2023, 8:07 am
    I dont like anything in this real state
    Very disappointing,, no one there to assist you in a midst of concerns and complaints, iv been calling for two weeks but the no one is answering. And also due ti my urgency of my problem i went to their head office in district 3,and there was a manager name Asma who doesn't have a work ethic as a manager,, i dont know why such poeple has been hired in a position who doesnt like act one or yet they think big of themselves when theyre not… She acted mad directly to come to me she didn't even listen to me and seems like its my fault why i have a problem....such a weak manager that cant be trusted to fix small problem in the company. I dont reccommend this company… Very weak customer service and people seems ghost when you have concerns. – show
  • 1.0
    8 july 2023, 5:58 pm
    They have weak customer service. It will take months before they answer your concern and they will pass you from one person to another until eventually you'll get tired reaching on them. When you vacate the flat they will charges you for maintenance so much for nothing even after you return the flat in good condition. The security deposit will be refunded to you after 3months of chasing even for just a small amount. The staff are very unprofessional, they ignore your concerns unless you keep chasing them. – show
  • 1.0
    29 june 2023, 9:19 am
    The communication with them is very bad, before I moved in, the cleaning was awful and even in the simple tasks they were awful, for example I asked them to renew the shatafa before I move in, so they brought a used one in a very very bad situation. They don't even try to solve the cockroaches problem in the building. Very very very bad. Disappointed.
    Date of services rendered
    Specialist description
  • 1.0
    30 november 2022, 2:43 pm
    Fast Transaction
    Too much Maintenance Issues and no action from their company. My water bill is so high due to water leakage yet still no action from them. Before getting an apartment from them they promise to repair all the issues once we got the contract, up until now its been almost 4 months yet not even one issue is repaired.
    very bad property management!
    unorganized and not cooperative on all their tenants concern.
    Date of services rendered
    September 1,2022 up to date
    Specialist description
    Jassem Building Dubai Residential City
  • 4.0
    18 september 2022, 11:44 am
    Thank you to Mr. Muhammad Omer kudos to you, he knows what he is doing he knows his job very well. He is nice and approachable.
  • 1.0
    21 july 2022, 8:44 am
    Unprofessional, Unreliable, not able to manage any kind of property, The worst customer service in whole UAE
    Please don’t deal with this company, unreliable, unprofessional, they are not able at all to manage a property.

    We rented an apartment to move in the first of June, 2022, before moving by few days they said we will not be able to move until 10th of June. We don't have any place to move to in this period after many hard discussions they moved us for temporarily place, we moved to our apartment in 10th of June, and this was only the first issue.

    Since we moved we are facing a lot and huge maintenance issues:

    1. We only had our gas connections after more than 1 month, because the gas system installed has problems and the contractor have to fix it, which take from them 1 month after continuous urgency calls and stress

    2. Finally gas system is fixed and another issue appeared, that they have technical issues with their main gas panel, which make the gas disconnect suddenly for at least 3 times a day, the fixed this issue after approximately between 4—7 days after also a lot of urge calls, they are not fixing anything in their own or from one call.

    3. The air conditioner is very weak and not cooling well, and we have these problems since we moved, now we are going into the 2 months and it is not fixed yet. We are calling daily the property manager, the responsible for AC technician, and the company directly, they rarely reply and they send technician every 3 or 4 days put Freon gas and that's it.

    Really there is no words can describe who unreliable is this company, and how they are not caring about their clients, unprofessional and very stressful. People find homes to relax and with this company you will only find homes full with stress and uncomfortable.

    Very disappointing and the most bad experience in Dubai.
    – show
  • 8 june 2022, 9:29 pm
    Hello everyone my name is Shabbar hussain I’m x hi sandy technician I want told you some think about hi sandy real estate company in Dubai this company always looking for new people on visit visa they take new people not provided employee visa they use your visa and request for renewal your visit visa they waist your time and money and not going for your employment my one month salary is in pending with hi sandy this information just for workers now I have some think for tenets please don’t mak – show
  • 8 june 2022, 12:30 pm
    Do not deal with these people. Once you signed the contract then nobody will respond to your queries.
    • 21 july 2023, 8:13 am
      Very true
  • 8 june 2022, 4:12 am
    ‍ ️
  • 2 june 2022, 4:33 pm
    It took me more than two months to take my security deposit. They don't even even answer
    I don't recommend dealing with them
  • 28 may 2022, 3:26 pm
    Please don’t deal with this company, unreliable, unprofessional. we signed a contract for apartment starting from 1st June and we paid the full amount of the first cheque, security deposit, and commission, and we already were looking for apartment ready to move by 1st of June as we need to leave our apartments by the end of May. After we did everything and bought all the appliances and furnitures exactly like the same dimensions of our apartments. They have informed us before the delivery date o – show
  • 26 may 2022, 4:32 pm
    Would like to thank Sir Russel and Najaf for making my transition to my new accommodation smooth. Greatly appreciate Sir Ramon for being professional and helpful in my other inquiries such as needing maintenance or technician. Appreciate the team’s hard work and assistance.
  • 17 may 2022, 7:55 pm
    Very bery poor service. They got cheques, deposit and did paper work but after that started excusing saying we need to change rental amount. I requested to cancel the deal and they agreed but they only refunded my deposit after 3 weeks of doing follow up for hundred times. They didn't return my cheques and deposited them to bank and stopped answering my calls and replying. Please don't use them they are cheating people.
  • 7 may 2022, 2:23 pm
    شخص مساعد و خدوم لطيف جدا و متواجد دائما للخدمه
  • 6 may 2022, 8:40 pm
    The team is so cooperative and helpful, from management to the maintenance people all are so nice and helpful. Thanks for all the help and support, you guys really made my moving experience smooth.
  • 6 may 2022, 10:37 am
    Appreciate Sadam's (maintenance) response and help
  • 4 may 2022, 4:50 pm
    NO FLEXIBILITY, NO COMMUNICATION, NOT CUSTOMER ORIENTED. U need to chase them for updates. Had a terrible experience getting a deal for a new apt. Wouldnt waste my time writing down what happened.
  • 3 may 2022, 2:21 pm
    Happy with the service. Would recommend to others
  • 30 april 2022, 4:04 pm
    As a joining Tenant, i m really pleased n thrilled at level of their comfortability and assiting extremly professionally i have been amazed to their service.. on a personall note a phillpino has assisted me in every stage n this flat taking over proceas have been done with no time and on expedited level.
    Good job n wish you the best for entire T
    Hi sandy team.Waseem 703 KBTT
Average rating - 3.1 based on 137 reviews and 72 ratings