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Reviews about Kings Way Tourism & Travels L.L.C

/  558 reviews and 360 ratings
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  • 1.0
    One of the bad customer services that i have ever received from Dubai. A man called Anand, doesn't know how to talk to a lady and he forgets that he came from a lady too. I paid an advance amount and I sent an email in a professional way asking for a refund and its procedure. after a man called anand mentioned that no cancellation applied for our package. After I replied to that email he called me and told me that I need to send an apology email for what I said…

    See Mr. Anand. take our money and feed your family. we don't need any single penny as that is our money… But try to learn what customer service is and how to connect and give respect to the people.
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  • 1.0
    I had an extremely disappointing experience with Kingsway Tourism and Travels in Dubai during their CBBC sale event in December 2022. We were lured in with the promise of a free holiday voucher after filling a raffle draw coupon. However, upon visiting their location at Rotana Burjuman, they used high-pressure tactics to sell us a membership and holiday package for AED 5400.

    Soon after the purchase, we came across numerous negative reviews about the company, which raised our concerns. We decided to cancel the membership, but they bluntly refused, claiming it was non-refundable. The promises made during the package purchase were brushed off, with their staff stating they were made by the marketing team, absolving Kingsway of any responsibility.

    We repeatedly visited their office to avail the services we paid for, but they provided lame excuses and rude behavior. Our child witnessed their harassment, making the situation even more distressing. Despite failing to provide the services, they refused to issue any refund, citing their company policy and disregarding the country's laws.

    After much persistence, they reluctantly offered a hotel stay voucher worth around 250AED, and promised to reimburse AED 3000 for the flight ticket before our travel date of 9th June 2023. However, they kept changing their statements, delaying the refund process, and ignoring our calls and emails. It's been two months, and we are still waiting for the reimbursement, with them resorting to making empty threats.

    The entire experience with Kingsway Tourism and Travels has been a nightmare. Their deceptive practices, unprofessionalism, and lack of accountability have left us feeling cheated and deeply dissatisfied. I would strongly advise anyone considering their services to steer clear of this company and avoid the heartache and frustration we have endured.
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  • 1.0
    We have recently purchased a package from this company they have promised the moon in the marketing campaign, but after the payment, they are not even answering the phone calls/emails. If you are also a victim can you please reach me at and please register a complaint to DTCM
    Date of services rendered:
    Oct 2022
    Specialist description:
    Mr Santosh, Mr Prathap, Mrs Suma, Mr Ayush
    • I agree, they are full of lies
      Never ever believe in their promises
  • 1.0
    Everything they said is a full word of cheating
    1. False information to avail hidden charges later.When we went for the first time meeting with your representative in September 2021, no one ever told us that we need to pay an additional amount of 499/- as taxes, we are paying the full amount and on top of that we need to pay for every 7 days an amount of 499/-. The team will tell you that to sign the document, what we have explained to you is in the document and i signed and later i was shocked to hear from Mr Rehman that we need to pay additional 499/- to avail each 7 days.

    2. There is no respect for clients. Member of Kingsway will block your number if you call them for some request they will not answer and instead you will be blocked.

    3. During our meeting with Mr Rehman regarding the point number 2 issue We were offered an additional gift voucher from his side without any tax charges to try out the service how it will be now and further discount when we do the balance payment because we asked for a refund and cancel the membership upon the behaviour of Prathap.

    4. When we planned to go to Georgia using the two free vouchers offered. I was asked to pay for both the free voucher and for breakfast was 480/- dhs so a total of 2 voucher taxe charges 499 each + 480 dhs was asked to pay. I got a better deal for these 7 days, almost half the price I was asked to pay.
    On Call on this new issue Mr Rehman denied the free voucher story and added that he said the waiver was for the 6N7D tax charges form the membership holidays which we will take. As i said in point no 1 False information.(surprise).

    5. when i went back to their office again to them for my refund they saif to pay full amount instead of talking on the table Mr Rehman said pay in full and i will not ask you to pay additional charges.

    6. He challenged me to make a complaint to recover my money against the company then he will see what to be done later.
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    • I am also a recent victim of the company, please reach out to me at
      • Im also recent sufferers of rude behavior from them, when I wrote bad review about their servic.

        They only have want good review and all. Good review are fake and done by their close aid I suppose.

        Not trustworthy at aall
        • Never ever believe in their promises, full of liers, especially Carlo Ledesma, Shibu George, and Mr. Syed. Never ever believe them
  • 5.0
    Guidelines of the staff was awesome response
    This is our first cruise and we absolutely loved it. The staff was great and the boat was beautiful and food provided by traditional Arabic food.. we enjoy lot of
  • It was great experience with kings way with best service thanks for our memorable bali trip
  • Highly recommended!Thank you for making my trip absolute perfection! This trip was amazing because of KINGSWAY!
  • My first overseas trip and it couldn't have been better planned. Thank you so much. Everything connected and ran smoothly. Fantastic holiday.
  • Found kingsway tourism and travels company to deal with, easy and convenient booking system with great discounts available.
    Would definitely recommend to my family and friends
  • My husband got a call from Kingsway Travel talking about a promotion and that I won something without any strings attached. At First, I thought it would be a false alarm-so curiosity took over and my husband and I said lets see if this is true. The reviews on this were a little confusing but then we still said lets go. They had chosen a good place and that's when I met Kishore. He was absolutely delightful, helpful and understanding and explained everything very clearly. We just were asked to l – show
  • Finally found trusted tourism company in Uae. Hustle free booking with them.
    Thank you Mr. Ayush for quick response with the help of Ms.Rica.
    Surely recommended this to my friend.
  • It was a very wonderful trip organised by the team. Extremely satisfied with my recent trip & absolute value for money.
  • Bad experience
  • I found a highly recommended and amazing travel agency. It was first time to give them a rate after so long being part of them. The planning and booking was made so easy by the Kingsway tourism and travel that it took all the stress off doing it myself. We took the elite holiday package together with my partner last year month of August and still continuously using it until now, I appreciate the effort and the work by them to put into booking our holidays and i am grateful for the best prices se – show
  • I want to share my experience as a new Platinum Member @ Kings Way Tourism & Travels LLC and I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Sikander for their excellent assistance being a new member to all of my inquiries regarding package.

    Alot of reviews was telling that this company is scam but “Let me tell you that it's Not Scam” as long you communicate to the right person especially to Mr Sikander.

    I want to extend my warmest “Thank You” to amazing team for dealing with all my headache i
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  • We had an excellent time on this tour visiting Istanbul, Turkey. The stay was in comfortable hotels and itinerary was conveniently organized to cover all prominent places. The trip was nicely organized by Suma who communicated regularly with us throughout the trip. The driver was also very efficient and polite taking care and guiding us. Overall it was a nice trip. Thanks to Kingsway Tourism & Travels for arranging all things, which result a hassle free journey. special thanks to Carl & Santosh.
  • Good experience highly recommended…
  • “Unforgettable trip!!”

    I had a lot of preconceived notions about traveling with a travel agency but the trip I had was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The people there are so friendly and kind. I enjoyed like I never have. The food was awesome, the boat was comfortable and they are always alert about your needs and comfort. I was traveling solo but I never felt alone or unsecured even for a moment. From the very first day I felt like I am with a family away from home. I would
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  • Good service
    Definitely recommended
  • Good experience
    Highly recommended
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