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Dr. TONI NASSAR Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

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Reviews about Dr. TONI NASSAR Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

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  • 1.0
    Worse dr i was in icu for two weeks!!!i had a lipo with him and he poked my gallblader lungs kidney.. for a whole week he kept me in his clinic and not accepting to take me to a hospital when my dad called the ambulance they took me to emergency there when they transferred me to the icu and they told me i am a couple hour away from death!!!

    افشل دكتور الله يحاسبه يارب! عملت عنده شفط خزع لي المراره والرئه والكلى ودخلت الطواري بس في لبنان كيف الواحد يقدر ياخذ حقه!!! بيقولي انتي يمكن كنتي مريضه من قبل انا دخلت المستشفى بي رجلي طلعت منها بل اسعاف على العنايه المركزه!!! الدكتور قالي اني لو اتئخرت شوي كنت راح اموت ومعجزه للحين اني عايشه!!!
    – show
  • The worst clinic ever. Very commercial
  • Best Doctor in the world
  • Its a huge living room you will find a small bottles of water in each table next to you, they always ask you for a drink (tea — coffee)
    They have chocolate in the middle of the table
    Easy location in Jumairah on the main road
    They have lift in the clinic more easier
    All the receptionists Are totally amazing and helpful
    Dr. Riham is the best in dermatologist world
    She advice you and do the best to make you look shiny and pretty with her magic hands

    Thank you Alot Dr Toni Nassar clinic
  • انا جالس ابحث عن هذا الدكتور بقصد التواصل معه بغرض زيارته واجراء عملية عنده لقريبتي ولكن بعد قراءة التعليقات السيئه صرفنا النظر عنه نهائيا
  • So cheap and commercial doctor.
    He uses different brand of Botox for retouch that will make some sort of allergies. Called them to complain they told me check where you slept maybe from the pillow lol.
  • Unethical, unprofessional. Dr Toni butchered my ears after recommending a mini facelift. My initial concern that I visited him for was not treated. And furthermore after giving him the benefit of doubt and visiting him six months later while I was in Lebanon… to raise my
    Concern about his butchered work, he ignored me.... stay away
  • I visit the doctor for a treatment at first my appointment was at 2pm but I inter by 3 then while am explaining the issue the doc was not listening and he didn’t exam my face and just jump to the treatment which was not at all what I want plus to that it’s expensive
  • The worst clinic i have ever visit, i had a very bed experience i had an issue with my face after the procedure, the doctor is not checking on his patients he just in hurry to get the money he will not even check the result.... i tried to call for 3 days clinic and manager to see the doctor before he travel back to lebanon with no response and for them i have to wait 3 weeks until he is back… beside that their price is 4 times the market
  • اهم دكتور اشوفه بحياتي ساويت عملية نحت خربلي جسمي وصار عندي تشوه رحت لعنده حتى اراجعه وحتى يشوف اغلاطه كتبلي تقرير جديد ويقولي لازم تساوي عملية تانية وتدفع ٢٥ الف درهم تصليح غير تكاليف المستشفى للاسف بدل ما يراجع مرضاه ويعطيهم افضل خدمة يسئلني ويطلب فلوس مني نصيحتي الكم لا ترده على فاشينستا والمشاهير لي عم يساويله دعاية حتى ياخده عمولة منه اذا عاوزين تخسره جمالكن وفلوسكم تفضله جربه
  • I would give this clinic less than even 1.,!!
    I had a follow up appointment after my botax injection., they made me wait for 45 min., no consideration for corona situation., (that you should be in & out) as fast as possible, and when a friend of receptionist came in, she (the receptionist) took her in right away.,.... and when I complain that they have no respect for people’s time, or their turn in line., the rude receptionist just shrugged her shoulder, as if she doesn’t care.,… n
    – show
    • Dear Farah,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at our Clinic.

      Please allow us to assure you that all precautions regarding Covid 19 are being taken at all our clinics, including body temperature detection, obligatory mask wear, sanitizing, physical distancing and appointment timing.

      We are sorry that you had to wait, but certain cases may require extra time with the doctor, as was the case with the patient before you.

      Also, Mrs. Riham has affirmed that letting the patien
      – show
  • Expensive
  • Cso ETTC surgery clinic
  • Worst dc ever!! I am in pain untill now because of his bad work Plus when I went back to him to ask for help he run away latterly he see my what’s app suffering just need help and he answered me in very short answer and ignoring all massages then So bad, only for money دكتور جدا جدا سيئ لا تروحو نصيحة انا ل حد الحين من ٨ شهور اتالم من شغلو الغلط بيستخدم مواد سيئة اكيد لان ما في شي يعمل الام الا المواد السيئة ، حسبي الله و نعم الوكيل الفلوس مش مهمة جنب اني اتالم من شغلك و انا ارسلو على الواتس – show
  • Best Dr in middle East, great experience ever
  • دكتور سيئ همه الفلووس وبس
  • The doctor is overrated. Contact me if you want to know my experience with dr.Toni. (It’s a long story)
  • It was really bad experience i went to do a lip filler, he did it sooo fast without asking me the shape that i want or anything, i really hate them whn i went out i was crying the whole time I never saw in my life a doctor not asking the patients of wht he want
  • I agree with the comments he took from my mother 15K with Discounts of the big gay haifa magic.. for 3 thread..mom need the face lifting after 2 week her face back to normal when we call the clinic to get appointment the cancel first appointment the second one we they said you need to be in waiting list and we waited for 4 h just to ask him what happen he told her she need face lift… I told him why not from the beginning he said you mom agreed to it the tread dont even cost 1500. Not recommen – show
  • 2 very bad experiance, he is copy 4another doctor who had big reputation then he felt.The same will happen 2this doctor 1day the reality will Flow & he will vanish. He charge me a big huge amount of thousands of dollers 4a result than i can get 4m any small doctor that have a clinic in small corner.
    Shame on him. Its a matter of time & ppl will discover how bad he is.
    The same bad result To my two freinds with him
    Its really a matter of time coz @ the end only the good stay & bad disappear
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