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Reviews about DTD Worldwide

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  • 1.0
    25 january 2023, 8:02 pm
    Completely unprofessional rude management
    Avoid at all costs
    Date of services rendered
    Summer 2022
    Specialist description
    Mario Agnello is very unprofessional
  • 5.0
    19 november 2022, 5:52 am
    Move was handled to UK efficiently, no hassles. Pavan and Pooja were very responsive, they took care of all my queries and gave me good attention, for sure we are going to recommend them
  • 2.0
    2 november 2022, 10:08 am
    Professional ground team
    Bad customer service
    Loss of Items
    Worst Management
    I’ve recently did business with them and my experience so far has been a mix of good and bad events. Maybe I’ll elaborate this in below section/phases of work.

    Job description was as follows: Pack my household things from Abu Dhabi -> Store it in warehouse -> Deliver and un-pack it to new location in Dubai.

    Packing and moving to storage (27/06/2022): The team arrived a bit late than what was decided, there was some location related issue. Which took time to resolve due lot of assumptions and not seeking clarification on time. I showed them the items to be included in the packing and initially they did the packing very professionally till the first half of the day. But, lacked enthusiasm in the second half and slowness in the job despite of informing the cut-off time for shifting was 5:00 pm. Worst part was when I returned home after finishing the building exit formalities, I found them sleeping after lunch before resuming the work. I had to make several requests to building management to allow extra time for finishing the job.

    By the end of the job, they just dumped things into the box to meet the extended deadline. They almost forgot to pack iron-board, clothes stand and curtains which I had to remind them several times. For the curtains they informed me that they forgot the ladder and it cannot be done. I had to rush and find a ladder from the maintenance at the last moment, which made the packing guy irritated. He asked me to climb and bring the curtains down as he’s not aware how to do this. He also left the curtain frames stating he doesn’t know how to take it out, and started to pull it hard, which I had to stop since it could have caused damage to the wall.

    1. Packaging material was good.
    2. Initial packaging was done very professionally.
    1. Professionalism drops with passing time also the packing quality.
    2. You cannot completely leave them on their own without monitoring the work.
    3. I later found that the team was from a 3rd party company and not DTD’s internal team.

    Storage (27/06/2022 – 12/10/2022): They have enclosures to keep your belongings as compared to other companies I checked in the similar price range. I had accessed the storage twice to get few of my things and their team was very helpful in making the arrangements beforehand. During my visits I sometime saw my few stuffs outside the enclosure, which they explained was due to storage management and to be rest assured with safety.

    Delivery (13/10/2022): This part was very dramatic. In my new residence there was a move-in security to be paid before shifting. I asked DTD to keep the security amount since the moving is done by their company. Which was a flat refusal stating its customer’s part to pay this.
    I spoke to Mr. Mario (Sales Director) regarding this, he asked me to clear their dues in advance before the delivery happens, which I objected and asked for payment post-delivery as I need to be assured that my belongings are not damaged, and everything is delivered. But he kept saying its company’s policy and any damages will be covered by his company. So going by his assurance I made the advance payment.
    On the day of shifting, their team did a good job and finished the shifting of goods and un-packing in 2 hrs. However, we realized that they have forgotten to bring the king size mattress and screws for the cupboard.
    This is where the nightmare begins, I contacted my sales coordinator Ms. Amanda, who tired her best to find the missing mattress. Also, Mr. Shajan the site supervisor contacted the storage to find the mattress and screws for the cupboard. After several hours, which includes me searching for the screws in hardware stores without any success, their team came up with a mattress which belonged to someone else. And the screw were not to be found anywhere.

    Finally they asked for 1 more day to search the mattress and deliver it and left. Next day they informed they failed to find the mattress anywhere and cannot find the screws as well. I asked for the reimbursement as per the agreement, and Mr. Mario again with his policies in place mentioned it will take 7 days to investigate and make the payment. Also, he threatened me to not make any bad reviews or else he’ll hold the reimbursement. When I asked to settle this the same day and carry on with the internal investigation, he clearly refused and ask me to buy a new mattress. Also asked me to go legally if required stating as per policies the company is liable only to pay AED 100 per item in-case of misplacement. They finally paid me after 14 days only for the mattress and not the cupboard screws which I had to search across Dubai.

    1. Site supervisor and team did the job professionally.
    2. Sales coordinator was helpful and did her job perfectly.

    1. The owner/sales director Mr. Mario has zero customer service attitude and accountability and is only concerned about getting the money out from customers. Especially when it’s a payback time, he would hardly pick up the calls and reply to your messages.
    2. My 2 items went missing in the storage.
    3. No coordination between different departments and when things goes south people are blaming each other as it is out of their work scope.
    4. Though their staff is very professional and helpful, they become helpless before the management’s poor attitude towards customers once the sales is done.

    I can see that there are many 4—5 stars rating given, maybe they are those cases where things went well. But if you’re stuck like me or others then definitely dealing with this company is a nightmare. Also, the low price is just to trap the customers and once the customer is in, then he’s totally at their mercy.
    – show
  • 1.0
    20 october 2022, 7:34 am
    Pathetic customer service
    Pathetic aftersales service
    Delayed shipments
    No proactive status updates
    I unfortunately hired them for ship my stuff from Dubai to India.
    Till the time, i had not paid them.. all was good and all responses were prompt.
    But as soon as the payment was made… they completely stated ignoring my calls, emails, whatsapp messages etc… not just 1 person… all Prahlad from Sales, Amanda from Customer Service, Mario their main boss (Mario was still slightly better of the lot)

    For a end to end shipment that should take approx 1 month… these guys took 3 months.. it has been over a month now since i have been waiting for the insurance claim to be settled… again no response & complete silence from their side.
    – show
    • 20 november 2022, 11:55 am
      An update on the situation i mentioned in my review above… it has now been 2.5 months since the I had notified for the damages to my stuff during shipment. About a month earlier, I managed to get a feedback from them on the claim settlement — i was told that it was sent to the accounts to process the payment and that i should expect it in the few days… It has been a month since.. when i sent them another reminder, I now get an email from them saying that they have rejected the claim (with – show
  • 7 september 2022, 8:55 pm
    Had a wonderful experience with them. Guys did packing very smartly as no space was wasted. Abrar should alywas be asked incase you are taking there services. Prices are very reasonable as compared to other service providers in the UAE.
  • 30 august 2022, 4:16 pm
    Delivery team were very accomodati g and responsible.
    We can recommend this crew no problems.
    Highly recommend
    Worth to mention especially:
    Mr.Abrar and Mr.Azeem and the rest of the team with no exclusion.
    Miss Pooja is an amazing coordinator
  • 16 august 2022, 11:20 am
    Fantastic experience using DTD Abrar and his team we’re superb start to finish very easy process. From packing up the old apartment, storing for 6 weeks in an air conditioned facility to protect our household goods and delivering to the new location I highly recommend DTD to anyone who is looking for a fantastic service.
  • 15 august 2022, 11:03 pm
    Door to Door was one of three companies we considered for our international move from Dubai. Not only did DTD give use the best quotes for the move, their team were very flexible in scheduling the packing day. Abrar Ahmed and his crew showed up on time and we were surprised by their speed of packing and professional wrapping. We felt that we made the right choice by going with Door To Door and would definitely recommend them to others. Thanks, DTD!

    Update from our destination.

    Due to some las
    – show
  • 13 august 2022, 5:58 pm
    Prompt service. On time and efficient. Abrar was very helpful and got the packing sorted out for us well. Thanks
  • 13 august 2022, 8:52 am
    The packaging team and Abrar their supervisor were truly great at the whole packing operation from the first moment and everything went great loading the container. Careful packaging, loading and space saving and on time.

    Unfortunately we had a very bad experience with the sales staff in charge. Very bad coordination and miscommunications created a negative environment. Cannot recommend again.
  • 12 august 2022, 4:25 pm
    Abraar Ahmed and his team were amazing. They moved everything in with care and expertise. They went above and beyond. Highly recommend them.
  • 6 august 2022, 3:40 pm
    Abrar and Azeem did a great job. They were on time and did the packing swiftly. Extremely happy with the service.
  • 4 august 2022, 2:43 pm
    The team was very professional (specially the supervisor Abrar Ahmed that lead the team with professionalism and quality), had all the required material and did a very good job packing and loading.
  • 2 august 2022, 7:57 pm
    Update 2: ok, now I'm waiting for my shipment for 5 months and still have no idea when it arrives to my place. DTD just keeps saying that it will be delivered soon. It was promised to be delivered in 2 - 2.5 months by Prahlad from DTD. Looks like DTD doesn't care about my shipment and me at all. They provide updates only when I ask them (anyway, updates are all the same all the time).

    Update: they did the insurance, it was a miscommunication issue. However, I was requested to fill the insurance
    – show
  • 26 july 2022, 10:52 am
    Moved from Dubai to Chennai and back in a span of a year with DTD. Lovely, professional service end to end. Guys who came home to pack did over and above of what was expected of them. Special mention to Mr.Abrar who unpacked and set things back as it was a year ago.
  • 21 july 2022, 10:00 am
    The team (Azeem/Sajan/Saeed) who visited for the packing and dispatching of items were extremely efficient, professional and well behaved. They were on time and more than anything handled the belongings with extreme care.

    Highly recommend their services.
  • 17 july 2022, 1:40 pm
    My family are moving back to England from Abu Dhabi and we wanted a premium service. After meeting with several companies and speaking with Pravan, I selected DTD worldwide as their rates were competitive, they agreed to remove some light fittings and pack it and also the reviews were good.
    Arslan and his team Saeed Javeed Janni Qasim and Zaman were polite, efficient, careful and coorperative.
    They packed my goods in two days (35 cbm approx) and now it will start it's journey to England.
    I have
    – show
  • 16 july 2022, 8:46 pm
    Pavan Prahlad sales manager is Awesome. He guided me for storage facility while shifting from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and their movers and Packers team is Excellent. Very much satisfied
  • 14 july 2022, 6:16 pm
    I chose DTD reading the reviews, I needed help with 3 shipments and contacted them to check their rates and services offered. I had to shift my house within Dubai and had one shipment to UK and another one to India. I spoke to one of their staff, I was more interested to send the cargo to India with DTD but he told me it was best if they handled everything together so I don’t need to deal with different companies. Although I had another team set in mind for the UK shipment, I took his advice and – show
  • 12 july 2022, 8:14 pm
    Crew well organized. I never saw packages so well taped. Abrar lead the team and organized the work flow to accomodate the client
    Thanks dtd worldwide specially abrar
Average rating - 4.6 based on 101 reviews and 54 ratings