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in Sharjah
Recent reviews
2 reviews
26 may 2023
Excellent nice
6 reviews
Cecilia F.
26 may 2023
Advantages I have placed an order with Ms. Mira and I just experienced the best customer service from Life Pharmacy. She has the ability to redefine the customer service to make it more satisfying. And I can feel that she gives special attention to customers who need more time to understand like me. Good job Ms. Mira!! Take care & Thank you for the good service. God bless. Disadvantages First I called Life Pharmacy in Majaz branch, but I have not got good service like in Hala 7 Comment Good Date
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Ishaq a.
25 may 2023
Advantages Good service
12 reviews
this g.
25 may 2023
Advantages we need more Arabic doctor like Dr 'Ghada she is very excellent .
538 reviews
24 may 2023
Disadvantages - /Be aware/ - They never give you one service - With such groupe, you will lose your mony and health in chaising them to get any binifit Comment - They don't respect time, so, you can't plan, for a weekend or vacation. - They give you promises when you visit their office, but they send you an apology mail later after you have wasted your time waiting. - You cannot promise your family or children any activity or hotel reservation. - After you sign the contract with them, they
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24 may 2023
It's best driving SCHOOL My full Family Have taken licence From Azza Driving School Best Teachers And Staff Highly recommend this School Experience Staff And Well Manner Instructors Helpful and friendly IF Your live near by Nassriya the Instructor will pick and drop in parking class also Where there is no service for parking class but they give nearby areas Pick And drop is only in Road Best Instructor Nasreen Riaz for Female My Daughter has taken Licence from her And she Pass her All
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388 reviews
23 may 2023
Comment Worst ever experience. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. The team is not at all professional and for sure lacks a lot of technical field knowledge. Had ordered stationery items that included stickers with (Pantone Color) mentioned in the artwork and as well in the duly signed quotation. After paying the 50% advance, received a call from the production claiming that they can only do digital printing and not offset (which was nowhere mentioned in the quotation or communicated by the sales team). SO
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Shenali P.
20 may 2023
I got a Moroccan bath few weeks ago from Krishna at the salon. It was a great experience and again, fully worth the price! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it out.
114 reviews
19 may 2023
Advantages Polite staff Disadvantages Paid 120 aed for 4×4 full steam wash. Unfortunately, was hot water only and no steam to wash underneath the car. Just steam the carpets and car interior. Recommend to save your money and go for super wash only as there is no difference. Date of services rendered 19th,May.2023 Specialist description Staff
19 may 2023
Advantages This life Pharmacy provides free home deliveries for all the products such as drugs, vitamins & supplements, sports nutrition, cosmetics, beauty care products, baby care products, etc.
18 may 2023
Advantages Nil Disadvantages Sofa is hard as stone and it’s defective Comment Don’t buy products from this seller it’s old and defective , will break in 1 week. Sales person : 0561315113 Date of services rendered 18/05/2023 Specialist description Never disclosed
18 may 2023
شركة الشريم نقل اثاث في الشارقة هي الخيار المثالي لنقل أثاثك. فريق عملهم احترافي ويعامل الأثاث بعناية فائقة. قدموا خدمة استثنائية وضمانوا سلامة الأغراض. تجربة مميزة تستحق الثناء.
78 reviews
Muhammed s.
17 may 2023
Advantages Thank you very much msk driving instructor mr.suresh sir . today I passed my final test .He is best instructor very sincere and friendly teaching me all classes .i am highly recommend every student mr. suresh sir … thank you so much….
16 may 2023
Comment I don't have bad review for this real state. Only for the agent who handled us named Adnan. At first his nice, everything that he will tell is awesome but when you already paid the money, security deposit, cheques given, then afterwards the way he will process the papers was so slow, we paid security deposit plus the municipality, sewa payment for them to process but it took 2 weeks to finish and take note when we transfer to the unit there is no electricity no water but he said that everything
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اكرم س.
15 may 2023
Advantages سهوله في التعامل قمه الرقي خدمات ممتازه وسريعه وأسعار جيده جدا Disadvantages لاتوجد Comment نتمنه لهم مزيد من التقدم
15 may 2023
Advantages Majed Comment وللأمانه المصداقيه اول مره اجرب هذه الورشه ، لتصليح المكيف لسيارتي رينج روفر مسئول الورشه اسمه مصطفى من الهند تعامله جدا رائع وكذلك الاستقبال يبدوا انهم فعلا صادقين بتشخيص المشكله وحلها بسرعه وبسعر حدا مناسب انصح بتجربت تلك الورشه والتجربه اكبر برهان ....!
Devu S.
14 may 2023
Comment Great experience.treatment is so good cost effective also.Thanks to Dr.Meryln and therapist Shruty
هنادي ع.
12 may 2023
نفس اللي صار معي بس اللي يختلف اني سابق تعاملت معهم ونصبو علي بجهاز مكنسه الذكيه جتني بس جهاز بدون اي شي لا شاحن ولا اي قطعه معها لدرجة انها الى الان بكيس سمسا حاولت اتواصل معهم نصابين ماقدرت هذا الكلام قبل ٧ شهور وقبل يومين اتصلو علي يعتذرون وان الادارة تغيرت وحابين يغيرون السمعه لان جاتهم شكاوي وقال بس اللي عليك تدفعين ٩٠ ريال حق التوصيل والمنتج قيمته مدفوعه علينا كترضيه عن اللي صار قبل صدقت لان قلت الفلوس بتروح لسمسا بس اكتشفت بعدين ان سمسا ياخذون ١٦ ريال والباقي يروح لحساب الشركه النصابه حسبي
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9 may 2023
تتوفر عدهم قطع غيار السيارات الامريكية نوع جي ام سي سييرا الشكل الجديد 19 و فوك؟
9 may 2023
Advantages الشركة مميزة في نقل عفش نقل بيت نقل اثاث دبي الشارقه عجمان نقل البيت مكاتب فيلا و تركيب الأثاث من البيت الى بيت حول الامارات مع الضمان نجار ممتاز و سيارات مغلقه خبرة عالية Comment مبسوط من شركة و شغل
8 reviews
2 may 2023
Comment Worst Service Sharjah Branch Goods Deliver after 75 Days and One of your branch staff name fazna she is talking with us very bad manner Please dont send any goods with fazna reference
2 may 2023
Advantages The store manager Mr. Nigel is friendly Disadvantages They have used old spare parts in the car, especially the parts which are not covered under warranty, like tyres. My car make is 2020 its run for 50,000 kms when I purchased it, but within 6 months and not even more than4000kms, all the four tyres got warn out.I had to 1200AED to fix it. And I discovered that the car came with tyres of 2019. This is cheating especially when you are charging very handsome price compared to market
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5 reviews
1 may 2023
Best service & helpful team especially dr/ Bassant
28 reviews
Good a.
28 april 2023
Advantages Atmosphere is good, experience trainers good administration. Disadvantages Heater to be provide, change room improvement Comment Friendly staffs, good place for kids for extra curricular activities.
Sara K.
26 april 2023
Excellent, timely service. They took their time and made sure every aspect of the job was done right! I was really impressed with the Ac repair service I received from 'Al Hadi AC Repair & Maintenance Services'. Thanks!
23 april 2023
Disadvantages Your location Alfares Hajj Umrah Sharjah Dubai Al Soor - Sharjah Travel agency Irum Shehzadi 21 points an hour agoI would not recommend this travel agency if you are travelling for hajj or umrah. First is they have not setup the trip properly. We spent 2 days instead of 1 day in bus with only 1 driver,bus condition was 1/5, Anyways this is not the reason why my trip was bad. I am writing below points where this travel agency lacks 1. Never attend client personally.(whenever,we
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57 reviews
Zaheer A.
21 april 2023
Comment Disgusting humiliating behaviour of staff. Today I went there for take away. After almost 15 minutes wait I asked one waiter about my order. His reply was “Wait Karo Ya Ghar Jao” Either wait or go back home. It was extremely embarrassing for me in front of so many customers. Date of services rendered 21 April 2023 Specialist description Humiliating customer service
18 april 2023
Mover's packer All uae 0503596907
405 reviews
10 april 2023
Advantages لا يوجد مميزات لهم Disadvantages الغاء المواعيد بدون سبب مقنع Comment لا أنصح أبدا بالحجز أو التواصل معهم بسبب سوء الخدمه ولا يوجد رد من جهتهم وعندما يتم التواصل من قبلهم ولا تقوم بالرد يتم الغاء الموعد مع العلم بأنني قمت بحجز الموعد بسبب عدم وجود حجوزات في اي مركز اخر بسبب ضغوطات فترة العيد Date of services rendered 10/04/2023 Specialist description للاسف لم يتم تزويدي باي اسم لتواصل معه وخدمه سيئة في الرد
19 reviews
9 april 2023
Advantages The most thing I like in Al Rajaa Mosque is Imam Anas Nofal his voice when he calls for prayer (Athan) and Quran recites during prayers, his voice is the most voice that causes Reverence during prayer. Disadvantages I wonder why ladies who have small children accompanying them in the prayer room! Those Children are not praying but they are annoying and disturbing prayers a lot during performing our prayers. Most of the time the Children are moving here and there and making noises.
6 april 2023
Advantages Прекрасный преподаватель! Очень спокойный, внимательный, очень хорошо и подробно все объясняет! С моим плохим знанием английского, он все равно смог все объяснить. И помог с ускорением процесса получения прав!!! Всем рекомендую!!! Disadvantages Ничего
5 april 2023
افضل خياط ممكن تتعامل وياه اسلوب وتعامل وايضا المنتجات والقطع الي عندهم حلوه والتفصيل اكثر من رائع
27 march 2023
Advantages passed all my exams on the very first try, all thanks to miss Azra. she’s the best and most understanding instructor you could ever have. Definitely made my training a good experience. 050 268 9666 is her contact number.
8 reviews
21 march 2023
Comment Greetings, After teaching for thirty years, I resigned to crown those years and put my experience in a series of six educational books which I believe and hope will make a shift in the teaching of the Arabic language to native speakers. I contacted many publishing houses and ended up contracting Austin Macauley, Sharjah UAE on October 10th, 2021. As this is my first experience, I bombarded them with lots of queries; but I had three major points which I kept repeating and reminding them
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48 reviews
20 march 2023
Comment May daughter had a nail job for 2,30 hr just for manicure and pedicure. Poor performance tha lady did not know what she was doing her nails got infected . I could.not upload the picture .... I am a regular customer , she was treated very badly I will never go their again . Date of services rendered Friday at1pm 17 th March 23 Specialist description She was new don't know her name
14 march 2023
Very bad service for online order in what's app.If you don't want to give reply in what's app please stop that option
Muhammad Z.
14 march 2023
Very good services 👌 👍 👏
10 march 2023
Advantages I am the father of Adams Alphonse Joyce who is studying in Grade1. He likes his school more than home. It's just because of amazing Teachers and leaders of Our Own School, Sharjah Boys Branch. Thanks to Principal- Murugan Sir, all the teachers- especially, Ms. Jamima Raj, Ms. Valanka Dennis and Ms. Christy Stanly. Disadvantages NA Comment FEEL AT MORE THAN A HOME
45 reviews
6 march 2023
Advantages I like their service and interaction,And also staff are very efficient and make us cool&confident .And they follwup the travel period like “from and To” all information provided trip.I like
54 reviews
4 march 2023
Comment بالنسبه للاخ الي قال انه المقبره وسخة و مافي ممر للعبور و لازم تدوس على قبور الناس الثانيين! اناه على اي مقبره تتكلم؟ انا كل اسبوع اروح ازور قبر عمتي و ادخل بالسياره و مافي مشكله! حارس المقبره ينفذ تعليمات و قوانين البلديه لما يخليك تدخل او تطلع!
64 reviews
السلام ع.
4 march 2023
Disadvantages تم تحويل مبلغ عشرين دينار بحريني لااحد محلات الورود والى الان يخاطب يخاطبوني بان المبلغ لم يصلهم لماذا ارجوا التواصل معي Date of services rendered يوم الخميس الماضي Specialist description لااعلم
27 february 2023
Advantages يبيع كعدات ب اسعار ممتازة و جودة ممتازة Disadvantages لا يوجد Comment عجبني حسن التعامل و الضيافة
25 february 2023
Very inhuman and unethical staff
96 reviews
24 february 2023
Advantages quick High service Cost effective Comment Excellent service, quick and high quality communication with the team. Many special thanks to manager Ayisha Afseena
Varinder K.
22 february 2023
They are simply amazing I recently placed an order for some furniture and I must say they have completely transformed my home into a Dream Home This just couldn't get better! "Must Recommend"
10 reviews
laha s.
22 february 2023
Thank you Dear Visit us again
21 february 2023
So amazing I like.. your employee.. all of them very kind and helpful
13 reviews
Rachel L.
21 february 2023
Advantages Recently signed a lease for 2 bhk apartment with them in Al Khan area. The team was very courteous and helpful, and the transaction was a smooth sailing one. The property is in an easily accessible locality with amenities within easy reach. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and i would surely recommend Sunrise R.E. to my friends and fam.
6 february 2023
Excellent Trainer.... :-) Because of him I was able to learn very quickly and was able to clear all my exams / tests in first attempt. Thank you very much Ustaadji.....
30 january 2023
معهد ممتاز مدرسين اجانب وبيعطو ضمان عالاستفادة
101 reviews
24 january 2023
Disadvantages bad customer services , they only ask for money but they dont work as per the profesionals stardands the worst experience i encounter since coming to UAE ,DONT EVER TAKE HOUSE WITH TIGER POOR SERVICES Date of services rendered 2021 Specialist description SAMI AND GANISH REAL ESTATE AGENTS
Doaa A.
20 january 2023
Advantages كل المنتجات. مميزه جيدا. مختلفه عن الآخرين. Disadvantages لا توجد عيوب Comment منتجات. عاليه الجوده. مزاق ممتاز. وفاخره. يستحق الشراء. ومنتجات اصليه
88 reviews
Abdul w.
19 january 2023
Comment One of the best compney in UAE
Ranu A.
18 january 2023
Advantages I liked the most generous Doctor Farzana Khanam's treatment to the patient & her accurate prescription which is really Helpful with a low cost. Also, Madam is always available, for all her patient. In any need of treatment if i call her she always Help me. Thank you madam. Disadvantages In the Reception lacking of a talented and fluently communicating staff who can Handle all nationalities. This is really Important. Comment Waiting zone area for the coming Patient should be little bit
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55 reviews
10 january 2023
Advantages Not recommended at all Comment very bad experience, they do not have international standards. If you need to call them either the phone number is disconnected or no one picks up. Online banking experience is worst. Please don't open account in this bank. Date of services rendered 10/01/2023 Specialist description Tried to contact them multiple times but was not able to contact them and their website is also not allowing me to sign in to my account.
Mohamed k.
9 january 2023
Advantages ممتاز ممتاز ،ماشاء الله استاذ حكم رقي وتعامل ما شاء الله ولا انسي ذِكر عبد الرحمن ما شاء الله عليهم ربنا يبارك لهم ويحفظهم فيما يحبه ويرضاه Disadvantages لا يوجد اي مساوئ ماشاء الله
2 reviews
8 january 2023
Today I went Naseem Allail Ladies Saloon Buthina.I done Hair Protein treatment balayage facial and eyebrows threading in a reasonable and affordable price.Thanks to sindhuchechi and the staffs in saloon for their kind and friendly support.Realy it is highly recommended.
8 january 2023
Advantages i really love the staff there. I went to get my makeup done there and it was one of the best makeup of all time. shoutout also to the best makeup artist nora! i really love her work. i suggest that any bridal makeup to go and book there appointment there.
5 january 2023
Advantages good experience Comment nice experience with vat box sharjah.worked with mr. hafeez for the tax registration they done within a week which is highly appreciated & highly recommended.
13 reviews
nafeem a.
2 january 2023
Advantages very convenient loved the service and it was worth the buck. Comment very convenient loved the service and it was worth the buck.
Abu R.
31 december 2022
Dear Mr.Faris Could u please send me your phone number best regards
Naseem J.
28 december 2022
Advantages I liked the staff specially the gentleman, Mr Chika (very polite, helpful and professional) who tested my eyesight very well. I never knew that there are 20 or more points to check the eyesight. He explained nicely and convinced me that why should I select little expansive lenses for the spectacle. He explained to me about several types of lenses. I appreciate the authority to appoint such good staff in the company. I thank Mr chica also. Disadvantages Price little high Comment Very
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walid i.
27 december 2022
Comment ممتاز في تصليح السيارات الامريكية و معلم الله يجزي الخير
حور خ.
27 december 2022
Advantages مرااااا رخيصصص والي ماعندها فلوس عادي تاخذ الاشياء محانا وبعديه ترد الفلوس
2 reviews
Salma N.
26 december 2022
Worst service. They never keep up their words. They told they ll give the room all done within the discussed date, but they were keep on telling reasons and gave us the room with no works done. We were almost homeless and With no other option we had to shift in that unfinished/dirty room(inspire of spending so much money). They lie so much to convenes us and get the room.. if any body still wanna go with this agency kindly don't give full commission before the work is done. Over all, they are
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25 december 2022
Disadvantages I had very very bad experience with this place. Never order from it if you have an event. They just ruined my son first birthday party. I made a very big order from them and they were supposed to deliver at 4 pm. They called me 3:45 saying they will be late. I kept chasing them instead of enjoying my son birthday. They ruined my son birthday all the guests left without eating and they delivered to me after 6 pm and with missing items. My order was above 2000 AED and they offered to
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Chowdhury i.
20 december 2022
Alwan Al Baloor best auto glass replacement service provider in the UAE. I got professional service & I will use it again.
18 december 2022
لي كدا علي فكره بتعامل معاهم من فتره واستاذ كريم اتعملت معاه محترم جدا ومافيش نصي ولا اي حاجه
54 reviews
very b.
17 december 2022
Comment very bad service, I advise to all to stop purchasing Date of services rendered Dec 17 2022 Specialist description staff
أم غ.
4 december 2022
خدمة ومعاملة ممتازة ، نظافة ، طريقة التقديم رائعة ، العصائر لذيذة جدا ، أطيب قهوة تركية في القصباء أكيد من فستق الشام ، الكريبات رائعة ، والأسعار مناسبة ... شكرا لخدمتكم الرائعة ونتمنى أن تستمروا على هذا المستوى بشكل دائم
2 december 2022
Very bad experience about Hala 42 life pharmacy butina branch & there call center in dubai . No Body is receiving the calls & landline phone was silent when i entered the pharmacy same time i was calling from mobile also then i asked the staff that there is an incoming call blinking the light only why not receiving call then she replied me that she is alone at store but the same time she was not dealing any Client also. Never seen like this dealing with clients . I Do not want to recommend any
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Mohamed A.
29 november 2022
Advantages سرعة الانجاز و رقي المعتملة Disadvantages لا توجد Comment اشكر سرعة تحديث البيانات الخاصة بي كمعلم لانجاز رخصة المعلم. شكرا جزيلا
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