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in Sharjah
Recent reviews
3 december 2023
Advantages Great price good service
2 december 2023
Advantages Nothing Disadvantages Very rude staff, especially the lady sitting on the reception. When i went there to enquire about admission, she advised to check details on their website. She was very particular to know nationality first before answering any further questions. When I tried to ask about fee structure, she pointed towards a board there, asking to check out myself. It was very frustrating and her behaviour was very rude. I simply felt i wasted my time to visit the school all the
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17 reviews
Mahamood N.
30 november 2023
Advantages best sales team Disadvantages nil Comment good price
Huma t.
30 november 2023
Comment It was the great experience Thanks to the Dr.Merlin and therapist Sruthy
23 november 2023
Advantages خدمه ممتازه رد سريع متابعه علي مدار الرحله الاهتمام بالعميل
Just n.
22 november 2023
Advantages Bad staff included manager Disadvantages Better u change the staff Comment I'm looking for owner number because Rahmaniya 5 cafeteria staff is so bad , I cancel my order and they dnt care even manager, I uploaded the picture of staff who threat me Date of services rendered November 22,2023 at 3.15 pm Rahmaniya 5 cafeteria Specialist description I dnt know the name but I uploaded his picture
19 november 2023
Advantages لا توجد اي ميزه Disadvantages اسعارهم مضاعفه واغلى من اسعار الوكاله بثلاث مرات Comment تعامل غير جيد اسعار خياليه القطعه في الوكاله ب١٥٥ درهم وعندهم ب٤٠٠درهم ومعاها تعامل فظ جد لا انصح به Date of services rendered Nov 2023 Specialist description I don't know
18 november 2023
Advantages التعامل محترم خدمة عملاء اكثر من رائعه سرعة التنفيذ وجودة الخامات ونفذولى بيتي كما فى المخطط بالظبط Disadvantages كان هناك بعض التفاصيل البسيطه بالسور بالصبغ وتمت معالجتها بسرعه Comment شركة تعتمد عليها
Muhammad I.
15 november 2023
Advantages Please don't buy anything from this shop. I am totally disappointed with their customer relationship and loyalty toward the customer They are cheaters. Disadvantages Please don't buy anything from this shop. I am totally disappointed with their customer relationship and loyalty toward the customer They are cheaters.
mohammed a.
12 november 2023
Advantages You can make an upgrade for a desktop computer and you can fix the hardware?
21 reviews
1 november 2023
Advantages It was good experience with laser expert Ms rini.. done the service from her . Knows her work well...Highly recommended 10/10.Also very nice and helpful.
40 reviews
Alia A.
1 november 2023
Comment انا زرتهم مره، لأن معظم معاملاتي في دبي،، والحمدلله الأخ عبدالله سلطان السويدي مووول ما قصر جزاه الله خير،، قمة في الرقي والتعاون
79 reviews
priyanka s.
29 october 2023
Advantages Coding Tutor Shereen Madam teaching very nicely. They clear our concepts and guided me during and after class .I was clear my exam with good score because of her only. Disadvantages NO Comment Best Coding Class
Hassan m.
24 october 2023
Good building
2 reviews
23 october 2023
Very poor service they agents don’t want to even listen the customer’s issue.all of them are like robots keep on repeating one sentence only (you can go now , wait outside, nothing can happen) etc . I’m shocked by seeing these reactions .people are traveling from so far just to get little help and all we get is this baseless information and behavior. Very Sad.
12 reviews
22 october 2023
Disadvantages I recently had a very disappointing travel experience that I feel compelled to share with others. The entire trip was marred by numerous issues and left me feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. Firstly, the manager Saleem were not interested in sharing proper details. I had to follow up multiple times to get my ticket and other details from him. We were two of us and the flight ticket was received on the same day of our start of travel. We even got two different PNR’s which doesn’t
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17 october 2023
Advantages Trainers are amazing especially Ms Jewel, she is very polite and guiding the people those who are approaching her in a professional manner.
ibrahim s.
17 october 2023
Advantages لا يوجد مميزات Disadvantages للأسف لا يوجد استجابة من موظفي قسم التحصيل على للاتصالات وكأن المتعامل لا يعنيهم. اتصلت يومياً وعلى مدار أسبوعين وفي كل يوم ما لا يقل عن اتصالين إلى أربعة وكل اتصال انتظر لأكثر من 20 دقيقة حتى ينقطع الاتصال Comment خدمة العملاء في قسم التحصيل لا ترتقي أبداً إلى الحد المطلوب ولو كان التقييم من عشرة فهي لا تتعدى 1 من 10 Date of services rendered 17 أكتوبر 2023 الساعة 11:40 صباحاً Specialist description موظفو قسم التحصيل
10 october 2023
Advantages I went to Al inekas ladies salon branch 1 yesterday for my hair cut. I'm so impressed with Michelle the hairdresser. I'm extremely satisfied how she gave a customer service satisfaction, her artistry of being a professional hairdresser is an asset of every salon she may wish to work for. I did my foot spa also with anesha she's so gentle and patience with my ingrown in my toe nails highly recommended her as well.
9 october 2023
Advantages منذ دخولي الي المبني لاقيت ترحيبا من الامن الي الموظفين،،وأخص اخواتي فاطمه واسراء،،علي طيب المقابلة ،،وكل موظفي المركز،،تمت معاملتي في وقت قياسي ،،شكرا لكم Disadvantages لم اري اي عيوب Comment كل تقدير واحترام للعاملين في هذا المركز
62 reviews
Christopher a.
6 october 2023
Disadvantages Afxpress cargo gave me a bad experience that cost me so much money. They broke my 2 expensive tables and my bicycle and they were refunding only aed 500 for the damages which are much more than 500 aed and until today 06 October I have not received the money yet. I will attach the email from the company since 02nd Aug 2023 to show they are not loyal at all. Comment I will not recommend this company at all for your cargo. I am from Australia and I left dubai 01st March. AFX Cargo came
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4 reviews
4 october 2023
Qualified staffs , excellent team 👍really loved the way they treated the customers
2 october 2023
Advantages المدربة ذكرى الانصاري: كان تعليمها جداً جميل وسهل وشرحتلي كل التفاصيل المهمه وبسببها نجحت من اول محاولة لي.
Soumik M.
28 september 2023
Disadvantages Their extensive advertising campaigns are meant to fool customers. I have a bitter personal experience over delayed delivery of damaged items from Abu Dhabi to India. They neither compensated me as promised nor did they deem it necessary to address my repeated complains.  I also got extremely negative feedback about ABC Cargo from my friends and acquaintances, I wish I got them on time so I could choose the courier more wisely.    Comment Poor Service and Irresponsible Dealings Date
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24 september 2023
Comment After taking lessons with Javaria, I felt confident in my abilities as she provided me with the much needed guidance and encouragement. I had no doubt that I will pass my road test since she motivated me to continue wanting to learn. Overall, she made my experience at sdi so much better and memorable.
23 september 2023
Advantages حسن المعاملة وسرعة الاستجابة أثناء المشاكل
79 reviews
Suhail B.
20 september 2023
Advantages Effective Stress Management, Support After Failures, Tailored Training, Positive Learning Environment, Expertise and Experience Comment My name is Suhail Bashir, and I work as a consultant, often advising and recommending services to others. My experience taking driving classes from Suresh Kumar, the MSK Driving Instructor, has been truly exceptional and highly satisfactory. The way he conducted my training and helped me overcome my stress and anxiety was remarkable. Even after facing
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98 reviews
Lorraine L.
20 september 2023
Advantages I've used this company for a few years, they're very prompt and professional. Shahed specifically is wonderful and Fatma. They both helped me with PO Boxes and Business Banking. Really wonderful, helpful ladies. Many thanks indeed.
54 reviews
20 september 2023
Advantages Ms. Nadjat Rabia counter 26 is very good and very accommodating and helping for the issue Disadvantages nothing all is good Comment Ms. Nadjat Rabia counter 26 is very good and very accommodating and helping for the issue.
Always G.
20 september 2023
Good work and honest people with good dealing and service
Arwa y.
18 september 2023
Advantages مدرسة رائعة بكوادرها الإدارية والتعليمية دائما يحرصون على العمل على أكمل وجه... تشكر جهودهم
24 reviews
16 september 2023
Comment I have visited many clinics, and this one is the best. It’s not just about the physical clinic , but also the professionalism of the staff working here. Let’s start with the receptionists, who have been friendly and welcoming. The nurses have shown great care and empathy towards me, providing all the necessary information I needed. And then the boss my doctor, Zakwan Khrait, who is incredibly attentive. He takes the time to truly understand each patient’s case and creates a suitable assessment
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10 reviews
Raysaban a.
16 september 2023
Comment Excellent customer service
47 reviews
15 september 2023
Advantages I didnt like the treatment at all especially gg doctor Jennifer her attitude was like i have another patients and i waited today 3 to 4 hours to tell me i have other patients its not fair at all wasted my time for nothing. Shame on this attitude Disadvantages Maybe to take out the doctor from the clinic :) Date of services rendered Today at 5:40 pm Specialist description Doctor Jennifer eyes doctor. Gg
15 september 2023
Advantages Amazing service and great job n design and finishing
Naziah N.
8 september 2023
The service I received was simply superb. The staff were amazing! My manicure and pedicure made me feel very joyful. I'm already looking forward to coming back soon. Highly recommended !
11 reviews
6 september 2023
Advantages Great service loving talks
Asif H.
6 september 2023
Advantages Finely resolved my case and Staff is quite professional. 5 Stars from my side!
5 september 2023
شكرا لكم على مساعدتي على ايجاد افضل معده وسكن لي وشكراً خاص ل منيه التي ساعدتني في كل شيء
3 reviews
4 september 2023
Dremae B.
2 september 2023
Advantages A highly recommended exchange in U.A E. Staff are kind and friendly. Thank you for your good customer service 💚
260 reviews
1 september 2023
Advantages Very clean service with full attention Disadvantages I wish they expand the shop Comment Quality and Care with highly professional staff Marjana, Rose and Sana at the Noura Hamdi Salon. Marjana is an expert certified masseuse who removed my knee pain. Rose has been doing my manicure and pedicure since the shop opened in 2011 and gives special care to her customers. Sana is the best in facial treatments.
33 reviews
Khemo N.
1 september 2023
Advantages very good treatment, good explanation to take care of teeth Disadvantages Non Comment fully satisfied
8 reviews
Abdulghafoor A.
1 september 2023
Advantages Best place
40 reviews
29 august 2023
Advantages Excellent customer support Disadvantages Nothing Comment I purchased I phone from ECITY . What an excellent customer support from team especially store manager Samir abdul Latif. Team is very passionate productive and well trained . I am really happy with my purchase in the future I will refer to my friends and relatives.
31 reviews
23 august 2023
Advantages أفضل ملحمة من ناحية التتبيلات و النوعية و الخدمة ممتازة و تعاملهم طيب مع الناس...... و دايما في تنوع و أصناف جديدة Comment أفضل ملحمة من ناحية التتبيلات و النوعية و الخدمة ممتازة و تعاملهم طيب مع الناس...... و دايما في تنوع و أصناف جديدة
13 reviews
Scammer. N.
20 august 2023
Advantages Gives you cheap price, and promised to deliver your orders on agreed date. Disadvantages Accepted only our down payment, and hold it 2weeks long. But never ever start to make our order. Not even respond to our chats & call. Lot of refuses Comment NOT Recommendable. Unprofessional Staff. Poor Customer Service 😔 Date of services rendered Made order on August 6. Shop promise to deliver items in 5 days, by Aug. 11, 2023. Waited till Aug. 18 not even photos of the progress were sent. Only
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19 august 2023
Advantages низкие цены Comment Этот гараж стал для меня настоящим открытием. Ремонт моей Mercedes-Benz E-Class был выполнен качественно, а цены приятно удивили. Теперь я знаю, где обращаться в случае необходимости.
Al k.
14 august 2023
Advantages I liked thire way of customer handling and behavior, prices Disadvantages Nothing Comment I saw lot of customer comes to them for selling thire phones
99 reviews
Hadia M.
13 august 2023
Advantages All Staff is very cooprative. Patient food is very good. Disadvantages No Comment FOOD delivery staff is very cooperative. And food quality is very nice.
65 reviews
Muhammed R.
11 august 2023
Advantages No Advantages Disadvantages 100% Fake Agency. We had terrible experience with these peoples. I approached fcc for starting the immigration process to canada with my friend. After the conversation with them, we decided to begin the IMP programme and also paid AED2100(Including VAT) per person to start the process. Our consultant was swathi.She promised us that we will get Canadian work permit in 9 months.To be frank, they didn't know nothing about the process. Their agreed time for the
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7 reviews
4 august 2023
Advantages they are professional, and you can find your medicine easily there, as the staff they are vary helpful. Disadvantages nothing Comment they are professional, and you can find your medicine easily there, as the staff they are vary helpful.
1 review
Rose A.
31 july 2023
staff are friendly and very attentive for their customers. Good service and excellent food taste.very recommendable
3 reviews
29 july 2023
Worst real estate agency ever. I was left for dead after they took their commission and advance. I became homeless and was evicted from my house and charged fees for not clearing my previous house in time because THESE GUYS didn't give me my apartment in time. I even opened a case file in the municipality; I was basically begging for the apartment that I paid for already. Worst treatment, they drag and don't reply to phone calls and messages. Save yourselves and go with a proper professional
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28 july 2023
Very very bad Maintenance Very pathetic service for Al Safa tower, al nahda sharjah. The ac doesn’t work.. my flat ac issue is not solved since 4 months. Please never rent a flat here if you want to stay in peace. Maintenance is very very bad.
28 july 2023
Advantages Staffs are super friendly especially the one who gave me service.I wish to mention her name Divya s nair. She provided a stress free service thank you Disadvantages The floor BLS resides is so dirty. Please make strict rules and keep it clean as it represent indians
14 reviews
Nizam S.
27 july 2023
Advantages Excellent service by Hala staff during my business visit in UAE , Thanks for kind and professional customer care from Shamna Jumailath .. Thanks team Hala Comment Excellent service by Hala staff during my business visit in UAE , Thanks for kind and professional customer care from Shamna Jumailath .. Thanks team Hala
5 reviews
خدمة ر.
27 july 2023
Advantages The prices are very reasonable, the service is great, the medical staff is respectful
1 review
26 july 2023
Very poor support if your product is defective. I'm stuck with a broken laptop
26 july 2023
Comment I am consulting Dr.Ramesh ( Homeopathy) for the past 6 months. He is very knowledgeable and treats his patients with utmost care. He is available to guide us any time we contact him. I highly recommend him to my friends and family.
2 reviews
26 july 2023
The hot tub I bought from tublease has been a lifesaver for my chronic muscle pain. The combination of heat and targeted jets has provided immense relief and improved my overall quality of life. It's like having a personal spa in my own home.
25 july 2023
Comment I am consulting Dr. Ramesh for the past 6 months . He is very knowledgeable and treats his patients with utmost care. He is available to guide us any time we contact him. I highly recommend him to my friends and family.
Hassan H.
25 july 2023
Rukn Al Jawdah Used Auto Spare Parts Tr. LLC Greetings. I am Looking for complete engine wiring harness of HONDA Civic EK 1.6 VTI manual transmission. Contact me on email : qureshi6747@gmail.com
17 july 2023
Advantages صالون بوز من اروع وافضل الصالونات القوز الشارقه يستاهل 😍😍😍😍😍
Saeed A.
16 july 2023
Advantages You could find various parts Disadvantages - overpriced - non-reliable spare parts - awful return policy - very bad customer experience Date of services rendered June 26th at 17:05 Specialist description They have not given it out
Perpetual N.
12 july 2023
Advantages We loved our son’s aeroplane truffle cake. It was scrumptious. The cake was made with an artistic mind and professionalism. Big thanks to Kevin. Comment Delivers on time. Bravo.
ENG ..
12 july 2023
Advantages من أفضل شركات الالومنيوم الزجاج خبرة عالية وجودة في العمل Comment خبرة وجودة ودقة عالية
10 july 2023
Excellent food, friendly and fast service. Lots of choice. Not too expensive.
9 july 2023
Advantages Staff response Disadvantages 1233334445 Comment 1123344456
188 reviews
8 july 2023
Advantages I appreciate the efforts and follow up from Mr. Shazeb And the course is oriented details and very useful
7 july 2023
Advantages They are professional movers expert staff and Box trucks available. Disadvantages Came on time Comment Yes I'm impressed with them very hard work
5 july 2023
Advantages مشكوورين على الخدمات الممتازة اللي بتقدمونها Disadvantages بعض التأخير في الرد Comment بالتاوفيق
مكان ب.
5 july 2023
Advantages مكان به جميع الالوان من مجموعة جوتن للاصباغ و الثقه والتعامل والاسعار فوق الممتازه Comment مكان به جميع الالوان من مجموعة جوتن للاصباغ و الثقه والتعامل والاسعار فوق الممتازه
7 reviews
30 june 2023
Advantages I would love to visit this pharmacy, Ms firdose pharmacist arranged me the medicines even in the mid-night, where i was not getting the prescription medicines after roaming 4-5 pharmacies. I appreciate the dedication and kindness she made sure i got the medicines.
moroccan b.
29 june 2023
Advantages The salon atmosphere was amazing The professionalism The protocol The team work the success story for the last 6 years Disadvantages Above my expectation they was Comment Highly recommended
9 reviews
28 june 2023
Advantages None all super bad Disadvantages VERRRRRYYY bad terrible service all of them are super rude to the customer I did a pedicure and the First Lady wounded my finger and when I complained the second lady cut my other finger and it started bleeding and they were very rude to me as if I am wrong, and told me it's normal to have blood coming out, I advise you to never go into this shitty place. Comment Don't go there it's a trash can Date of services rendered 28/6 Specialist description Pedicure
28 june 2023
Advantages Not recommended to anyone Veyyyy very bad attitude and behaviour bad experience Comment Bad experience ever Date of services rendered 27/6 Specialist description Bad attitude
Amir H.
27 june 2023
Advantages Good taste with lot of Muhabatn Disadvantages No disadvantage Comment Amazing taste
8 reviews
26 june 2023
Advantages All time discount for regular customers Disadvantages Never get appointment at saloon full bsy Comment Mahndi design are good
52 reviews
25 june 2023
Advantages Al khan Nursery aim to make the early years of your child’s life as enjoyable, rewarding and positive as possible. They believe that children should have fun at nursery and actively promote learning through play and field trips. Their objective is to help children achieve their full potential by providing an environment, which is rich in active learning opportunities, together with qualified staff, specially trained to extend their learning. Al Khan nursery plan numerous activities
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26 reviews
24 june 2023
Advantages great environment Comment Good service with friendly staff and comfortable gym for everyone from beginners to professional to train at. Coach Ibrahim and Coach Musarat are the best .
5 reviews
Amro f.
8 june 2023
Advantages تعامل الدكاتره
6 june 2023
Advantages معاملة جميلة جدا واسعار جدا رخيصة Disadvantages لايوجد عيوب Comment معاملة جميلة جدا واسعار جيدة جدا
satya r.
1 june 2023
Everytime i visited the pharmacy....shahruk from evening shift and shilpa from morning shift, i found they are very friendly and lots of patience very helpful.... multiple times i contacted shilpa for claim approvals. and from shahruk i purchased BMI weight machine and humidifier.. I can rate them 10 out of 10 for both of them. i dont have much interaction with other staff... so it does not mean they are all low rated. i never get chance to rate them.
Ishaq a.
25 may 2023
Advantages Good service
538 reviews
24 may 2023
Disadvantages - /Be aware/ - They never give you one service - With such groupe, you will lose your mony and health in chaising them to get any binifit Comment - They don't respect time, so, you can't plan, for a weekend or vacation. - They give you promises when you visit their office, but they send you an apology mail later after you have wasted your time waiting. - You cannot promise your family or children any activity or hotel reservation. - After you sign the contract with them, they
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24 may 2023
It's best driving SCHOOL My full Family Have taken licence From Azza Driving School Best Teachers And Staff Highly recommend this School Experience Staff And Well Manner Instructors Helpful and friendly IF Your live near by Nassriya the Instructor will pick and drop in parking class also Where there is no service for parking class but they give nearby areas Pick And drop is only in Road Best Instructor Nasreen Riaz for Female My Daughter has taken Licence from her And she Pass her All
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388 reviews
23 may 2023
Comment Worst ever experience. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. The team is not at all professional and for sure lacks a lot of technical field knowledge. Had ordered stationery items that included stickers with (Pantone Color) mentioned in the artwork and as well in the duly signed quotation. After paying the 50% advance, received a call from the production claiming that they can only do digital printing and not offset (which was nowhere mentioned in the quotation or communicated by the sales team). SO
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Shenali P.
20 may 2023
I got a Moroccan bath few weeks ago from Krishna at the salon. It was a great experience and again, fully worth the price! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it out.
114 reviews
19 may 2023
Advantages Polite staff Disadvantages Paid 120 aed for 4×4 full steam wash. Unfortunately, was hot water only and no steam to wash underneath the car. Just steam the carpets and car interior. Recommend to save your money and go for super wash only as there is no difference. Date of services rendered 19th,May.2023 Specialist description Staff
19 may 2023
Advantages This life Pharmacy provides free home deliveries for all the products such as drugs, vitamins & supplements, sports nutrition, cosmetics, beauty care products, baby care products, etc.
18 may 2023
Advantages Nil Disadvantages Sofa is hard as stone and it’s defective Comment Don’t buy products from this seller it’s old and defective , will break in 1 week. Sales person : 0561315113 Date of services rendered 18/05/2023 Specialist description Never disclosed
18 may 2023
شركة الشريم نقل اثاث في الشارقة هي الخيار المثالي لنقل أثاثك. فريق عملهم احترافي ويعامل الأثاث بعناية فائقة. قدموا خدمة استثنائية وضمانوا سلامة الأغراض. تجربة مميزة تستحق الثناء.
16 may 2023
Comment I don't have bad review for this real state. Only for the agent who handled us named Adnan. At first his nice, everything that he will tell is awesome but when you already paid the money, security deposit, cheques given, then afterwards the way he will process the papers was so slow, we paid security deposit plus the municipality, sewa payment for them to process but it took 2 weeks to finish and take note when we transfer to the unit there is no electricity no water but he said that everything
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اكرم س.
15 may 2023
Advantages سهوله في التعامل قمه الرقي خدمات ممتازه وسريعه وأسعار جيده جدا Disadvantages لاتوجد Comment نتمنه لهم مزيد من التقدم
15 may 2023
Advantages Majed Comment وللأمانه المصداقيه اول مره اجرب هذه الورشه ، لتصليح المكيف لسيارتي رينج روفر مسئول الورشه اسمه مصطفى من الهند تعامله جدا رائع وكذلك الاستقبال يبدوا انهم فعلا صادقين بتشخيص المشكله وحلها بسرعه وبسعر حدا مناسب انصح بتجربت تلك الورشه والتجربه اكبر برهان ....!
هنادي ع.
12 may 2023
نفس اللي صار معي بس اللي يختلف اني سابق تعاملت معهم ونصبو علي بجهاز مكنسه الذكيه جتني بس جهاز بدون اي شي لا شاحن ولا اي قطعه معها لدرجة انها الى الان بكيس سمسا حاولت اتواصل معهم نصابين ماقدرت هذا الكلام قبل ٧ شهور وقبل يومين اتصلو علي يعتذرون وان الادارة تغيرت وحابين يغيرون السمعه لان جاتهم شكاوي وقال بس اللي عليك تدفعين ٩٠ ريال حق التوصيل والمنتج قيمته مدفوعه علينا كترضيه عن اللي صار قبل صدقت لان قلت الفلوس بتروح لسمسا بس اكتشفت بعدين ان سمسا ياخذون ١٦ ريال والباقي يروح لحساب الشركه النصابه حسبي
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9 may 2023
تتوفر عدهم قطع غيار السيارات الامريكية نوع جي ام سي سييرا الشكل الجديد 19 و فوك؟
8 reviews
2 may 2023
Comment Worst Service Sharjah Branch Goods Deliver after 75 Days and One of your branch staff name fazna she is talking with us very bad manner Please dont send any goods with fazna reference
2 may 2023
Advantages The store manager Mr. Nigel is friendly Disadvantages They have used old spare parts in the car, especially the parts which are not covered under warranty, like tyres. My car make is 2020 its run for 50,000 kms when I purchased it, but within 6 months and not even more than4000kms, all the four tyres got warn out.I had to 1200AED to fix it. And I discovered that the car came with tyres of 2019. This is cheating especially when you are charging very handsome price compared to market
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